Thursday, 13 May 2010

Progress, Thursday 13th May

Evenin' all,

After another icy start this morning, things started to warm up. A
team of welders managed to weld the lengths of rail in the 6' on the
Hannages, ready for a customer so we now have a 100m test rail for
cwr testing.

The Per way gang are now well north of the footbridge at Duffield, and
managed to get 22 sleepers changed, the ground conditions being better
than yesterday.

The Flail worked from Holloway road to close to mp 134 and thrashed
back the vegetation on the downside. The VCT carried out more fencing
work north of Postern Lodge and have now completed the section as far
as the river bridge. They also examined a section of fence that a local
farmer rang me up about at 9pm the other evening - I nearly rang him
back at 3am to check the location!

Back at Wirksworth more work by the carriage dept, and further work on
the new Bridge rails, as well as DMU cleaning.

The per way gang re-convene at Duffield at 0900 on Sunday.