Sunday, 9 May 2010

Progress Sunday the 9th of May 2010

Dear all,

A slightly warmer start saw the recently reformed Sunday P-Way gang
going at it like hammer and tongs at Duffield with 26 sleepers changed
and several others quite surprised. At this rate we will soon be at the
back of Rupert's House. Anyway a hugely successful track day accompanied
by some high level pruning on Holloway Road.

At Wirksworth the fence along the Baileycroft Dock was repaired and
paint applied to the grey brakevan. A little further north, the Duty
Conscript, accompanied by a couple of our own volunteers, finished
laying pipes in the down Cemetary Lane headshunt drain and this now only
needs stoning up before work carries on around the buffer stop.

The newly arrived Met Cam centre car was brought into the platform for
cleaning and is now pristine on the outside, shining greenly in the
sunlight. Work continued on the inside and chassis including painting
and nut tightening, both favourite activities of the DMU team.

The passenger service plodded happily around and the Day with a Driver
went back to Holland very cheerfully. That's Holland the country, not
Holland on Sea. You can't say we're not international here.

ATB, Anton