Sunday, 23 May 2010

Progress Sunday 23rd May 2010

Dear all,

Another heroic day of heat exhaustion, especially at Duffield which is
nearer the equator, where the rail temperature reached 38 degrees. The
Sunday P-Way gang laboured to cope with sunburn while removing two G
clamps, greasing 4 sets of fish plates and changing11 sleepers, and in
order to prove their boundless enthusiasm, went on to drop a further 60
sleepers. They will be hosed down shortly.

At Wirksworth the passengers sweltered along at a leisurely 25 mph, with
sales of ice cream going through the roof. The SK carriage ("Pimp my
ride") received cosmetic light bulbs and repairs to its worst armrests
to complete the work to the interior. It is not true that we have fitted
a boomer in the toilet, blue lights to the chassis and a chrome spoiler,
so we can run down the line with the windows open playing bonga bonga
music and mooning to people in Hazelwood.

Meanwhile at Wirksworth Traction Maintenance Depot ("Shed"), the
engineers, in a frenzy of activity, repaired the chugger in the Bubble
Car; fitted new batteries in the 108 and started it (to their
considerable joy); replaced the exhaust of LJ Breeze and washed it (LJ
Breeze, not the exhaust) and adjusted the brakes on the class 117 before
ransacking the cold drink fridge. In the midst of all this the steam
team filled, oiled and polished Ferrybridge No3 and cleared us out of
mineral water.

All the best,