Saturday, 8 May 2010

Progress Saturday 8th May 2010

Evening all,

Today was very much a day of carriages. The LMS Carriage Association continued work on 27162, progressing with the Bitumastic painting of the roof space (to stop condensation forming) and the new internal bulkhead that was erected in the week. Meanwhile, two tracks away, the DMU team made excellent progress on the Met-Camm Centre Car by putting up the new ceiling in the middle compartment. This will need painting now.

The passenger service bobbled up and down all day, with reasonable numbers considering the damp weather. Due to the lack of any other willing volunteer being in attendance, I multi tasked between guarding and duty manager. I think they have a similar issue tomorrow so if anybody is available to guard then can you please let Robin know.

The messroom also had a tidy up!

Mike Evans via Leigh

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