Saturday, 22 May 2010

Progress Sat 22nd May 2010

Evening all,

What a scorcher! Today was clearly the hottest day of the year too far and it seemed to be all too much for everyone, with a surge in ice cream and cold drink sales even giving the new system a migraine! The passenger service ran all day and our Day with a Driver was most satisfied.

Today was very much a day of coaches - perhaps it shouldn't have been as it was baking inside them! The problem with coaches and rolling stock in general is that in the winter they are freezing cold and in the summer they are baking hot.

The SK which was delivered to the platform yesterday had treatment from the passenger services department to make it more presentable for use in service. In their own words "it has been pimped". Jobs included cleaning underneath all of the seats and replacing some of the cushions which has worn threadbare with ones from the BSK. The BSK won't be in service for a while so it buys more time to get those recovered. The interior notices were then tended too with some homemade but very realistic "Alarm Pull" notices being made up. The luggage racks were then cleaned and repaired, with new string being applied so that passengers don't have their own luggage hitting them over the head in transit. Finally, to finish off, it then has the antimacassars installed. This vehicle is looking far more presentable now and it is hats off to those inside working in this heat.

The Met-Camm Centre Car had a final top coat of gloss applied to the middle compartment ceiling by myself, whilst the rest of the team made a start on cleaning the luggage racks with wirewool whilst the paint dried (not long considering the heat). Afterwards, the team made a start on returning some of the aluminium trim to the rightful positions but 'gave up' after a short while declaring it too hot. During the morning some of the team oiled up all of the brakework and linkages on the underframe as it was very rusty and dry underneath.

Over the way, the LMSCA were laughing at everybody else. They had a huge fan to keep them cool whilst they continued installing the ceiling insulation in the TO. The thing with insulation is that it is very good at keeping heat in during the winter but is equally as good at dissipating the heat in the summer.

It seems as though we can't have a happy medium with the weather, it is either too cold or two hot and we moan at both. I'm off for a shower.

Mike Evans via Leigh

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