Sunday, 2 May 2010

Progress Report Sunday 2nd of May 2010

Dear all,

The day in which the UK economy was saved from Greek catastrophe by a
sudden increase in the sale of thermal underwear. The passenger service
didn't so much throb as potter. However, we persevered and spread
assorted happiness at least as far as Hanley.

Various drains received attention, including a further third of the
incline drain and two tube lengths (about 10 metres) of the down
Cemetary Lane headshunt drain.

The recently arrived Mark 1 SK carriage was entirely hand washed by new
volunteer Martin and a great deal of green mould removed from its
exterior parts. Some tree attention took place on the line south of
Idridgehay and the Duffield staff paid a visit. An amount of trouser
splitting took place, and a Safe Trouser Working Methodology is now
being sought for the derailer.

All the best,