Sunday, 16 May 2010

Progress Report Sunday the 16th of May 2010

Dear all,

Firstly an apology: Mr Stuart Smith had provided me with a note of an
important operational matter to be conveyed in the course of this
report, which I had carefully lodged in my trouser pocket. Upon my
return to the Chateau Shone I inadvertently conveyed my trousers to the
washing machine without first extricating the said note, which is now
unfortunately in flagrante delicto with my smalls, doing the rounds as
it were. I am sure Mr Smith will present his note to you all personally
after I have reported for the usual interview.

Meanwhile at Duffield, the Sunday P-way team changed 11 sleepers
assisted by the Iceni Explorer Venture Scouts, who were reported to be
tired but happy, as scouts often are. Back at Wirksworth, a sunshiny day
brought out a goodly number of the populace to sample our railway, as
well as a Day with Driver and his guests from the vicinity of Ilkeston.
In the Mess Room the biscuit du jour was the Butter Puff. Those of you
intimately familiar with our Mess Room will know that the Company, in a
show of considerable largess (I quote the General Manager) provides tea,
coffee and sugar, and we the volunteers provide milk, biscuits and
occasionally cake for the mutual refreshment and enjoyment of the
workers, the tea break being a major element of the days doings, indeed
in some cases, the entire element in the days doings. Regrettably, after
a unanimous vote, the Butter Puff has not made it to the list of
approved biscuits (digestives, custard creams, chocolate hob-nobs) on
account of it tasting like the end of a mop.

These trials and tribulations to one side, various manly work took place
in the yard, with the ceiling of the Met Cam centre car receiving
careful priming by Mr Gration and his close personal friend; also the
class 108 exterior was scrubbed with a conscript, after which it was
then scrubbed properly with the Passenger Manager, and although this
vehicle (late of the East Anglian Railway Museum) cannot be described as
pristine, it is receiving a considerable amount of cleaning both
interior and exterior, and had its buffers washed by Rob and its steps
painted by Matt to make it look a bit better.

All the best,