Saturday, 15 May 2010

Progress Report Saturday the 15th of May 2010

Dear all,

A pleasant steady sort of day. The passenger service bobbled cheerfully
up and down and the Day with a Driver went home delighted, having first
explained the considerable difficulties of driving up from Norfolk on
the A17, a road very sadly beset by tractors and pig lorries.

Meanwhile several carriages were shunted into platform 1 and a multitude
of the great and the good gathered round to give them some much needed
TLC. The SK had is brakes and vacuum tested and was then cleaned inside
as well as being cleaned outside (for the second time in two weeks). It
now smells strangely of Lily of the Valley. Next to it the gleaming
green Met Cam centre car received further work to its ceilings and a
great deal of chamfering and sanding took place. Next to that the class
108 was washed by the Duty Conscript and further cleaning took place on
the interior, after which the flowers were watered.

In the yard the class 117 received attention to its heaters, these will
no doubt still be required in High Summer. The LMSCA continued their
noble work on the LMS TO (Tourist Open Carriage) and various items of
scrap, donated by our very dear colleagues at Mrs Miggin's, were
despatched to the skip. During this process some buffers and assorted
DMU parts were transmitted by the miracle of forklift truck from the car
park. The Duty Conscript (clearly bonkers) wanted to undertake some
further more masculine manual work, watering the flowers having brought
out his feminine side, so he was given a voluminous bag of Complete
Railway Aggregate Product to dispose of, which he achieved in very short
order indeed.

Notwithstanding all this hoary-handed effort, the afternoon proved
rather quiet on the passenger front. We understand this was due to some
footballing, a sport second only to Dwile Flonking and Shopping for
Ladies Lingerie in the national consciousness.

All the best,
Mike Evans via Anton