Monday, 24 May 2010

Progress Monday 24th May 2010

Dear all
We welcomed four enthusiasts for their own take on the Group Drive a Diesel Day. They enjoyed a detailed inspection of our facilities with opportunities to drive L J Breeze under the expert guidance of Richard Buckby ably assisted by Patrick Lidgett. Judging by the smiles they all enjoyed their time with us.
In parallel with this, Chris Richardson from the Class 20 Association gave a splendid day of refreshment and training on D8001. This also had the advantage of using two vacuum braked coaches, a combination not possible until recent arrivals, where opportunity was taken to appreciate the different "feel" of braking this stock. All participants declared the exercise well worth while.
The resident computer boffins traced a mysterious fault between the Office and server and Lynette pressed on with the station garden. There was much buffing up of our passenger stock after its use for training and their was fine tuning of the hanging basket automatic watering system.
John had his usual peaceful Monday Booking Hall turn disturbed by all the people on site today together with a few speculative visitors.
The sun was shining and all was well with the world