Friday, 7 May 2010

Progress Friday 7th May 2010

Dear all
Another packed day of activity with DRE moving their MyTestTrack installation to site and commencing its installation. You will appreciate that the description of this apparatus is vague as we wish to stay in front of the market.
With the new regime for Works Trains being based at Duffield and operated by Tommy, a well deserved examinatation of L J Breeze and the remedy of a number of maintenance items commenced today. The LMSCA continued the application of the roof bitumen when "he" wasn't diverted into the many discussions relation to the myriad of forms necessary for the operation of a train. Much progress made in this area including the contribution from the Class 20 Association. Opportunity was given to a check on D8001 and leave some check lists on board the locomotive.
A road sweeper was engaged to remove surplus chippings from the station drive and the Booking Hall received a number of visitors brought out by the afternoon sun. The IMT started the very long process of treating "dipped" joints on the Wirksworth to Idridgehay section and dealt with 10 between Milepost 140 and 139 3/4.
A general reminder to our operating staff the Gorsey Bank passenger line is truncated at the Hannages foot crossing while the MyTestTrack installation is being constructed.
I missed commenting yesterday on our "pit men" who reconfigured the coaling area for the new ash pit and commenced the detective work to see whether we can connect a water supply to the garage. The industrial history of this latter project reveals the station approach has been raised by some 18" over the last century.