Friday, 28 May 2010

Progress Friday 28th May 2010

Dear all
A substantial contingent put inordinate amounts of fuel in the dmu fleet and carried out a selection of small maintenance jobs so all is ready for the weekend. There was some driver familiarisation on Hydra and four participants were very ably looked after by Hylton and Vince on their Group Drive a Diesel Day. The formula for these days seems about right now with the morning shunting the Yard and the afternoon trip down the line. The dmu bogies residing in the Car Park were pulled north to maximise the space for cars over the weekend.
There was a team assembling elements for next week's commencement of the rebuilding of Duffield platform and a lock was fitted to the brick cabin ready for its role to store building supplies.
Catering fed our Drive a Diesel clients and received supplies for the weekend and further progress was made with our computer network. The latter culminated with the installation of chip and pin in the Booking Hall and I am proud to say I made the first, small, purchase using the system. I invite you all to give it a go - it's not like using real money!