Monday, 31 May 2010

Progress Bank Holiday Monday 31st May 2010

Dear all
A day when everything got into its stride and we broke the four figure barrier in the Booking Hall making it all worth while. EVRA too were earning in their shop and on the narrow gauge and the Buffet Car reported reasonable sales revealing impressive improvements on the take compared with the same weekend last year. The trains service worked well with profitable loads on each service and we had the bonus of being able to offer LJB for cab rides on the Gorsey Bank line. Today's Day with a Driver and his guests originated in Bedford and it was a delight to welcome back Deborah & Keith who had celebrated their post wedding event with us in April. We also were pleased to see Roy and Les (nearly 80) and I tried to tempt them back to involve themselves with the Duffield platform - not sure I won that one. Ferrybridge No3 received a clean and smoke came out of the funnel with the aid of some oily rags to create atmosphere.
Michael Mee dropped in to leave a donation in memory of Dave towards the resleepering of the line having read the piece in the Derby Evening Telegraph.
Many thanks to all who put in a long and hard working day to make everything happen.
A late report from yesterday reflects another spectacular achievement by the permanent way team at Duffield with 25 sleepers changed by five people. Productivity is certainly at an all time high!