Monday, 31 May 2010

Progress Bank Holiday Monday 31st May 2010

Dear all
A day when everything got into its stride and we broke the four figure barrier in the Booking Hall making it all worth while. EVRA too were earning in their shop and on the narrow gauge and the Buffet Car reported reasonable sales revealing impressive improvements on the take compared with the same weekend last year. The trains service worked well with profitable loads on each service and we had the bonus of being able to offer LJB for cab rides on the Gorsey Bank line. Today's Day with a Driver and his guests originated in Bedford and it was a delight to welcome back Deborah & Keith who had celebrated their post wedding event with us in April. We also were pleased to see Roy and Les (nearly 80) and I tried to tempt them back to involve themselves with the Duffield platform - not sure I won that one. Ferrybridge No3 received a clean and smoke came out of the funnel with the aid of some oily rags to create atmosphere.
Michael Mee dropped in to leave a donation in memory of Dave towards the resleepering of the line having read the piece in the Derby Evening Telegraph.
Many thanks to all who put in a long and hard working day to make everything happen.
A late report from yesterday reflects another spectacular achievement by the permanent way team at Duffield with 25 sleepers changed by five people. Productivity is certainly at an all time high!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Progress Sunday 30th May

Dear all,

Sunshine on a Bank Holiday Sunday at last. To our considerable
satisfaction the till could be heard ringing even from the parlour of
the Malt Shovel and trains were pleasantly well loaded for the first
time this year. The Day with a Driver stayed for every minute of the day.

In other work, the Class 31 received attention, work proceeded at
Duffield and Stokes Paint and Scrubbers addressed the Idridgehay running
in board, amongst other things.

Thanks to all concerned.

All the best,

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Progress Sat 29th May 2010

Evening all,

A wet and miserable day compared to those of late with frequent heavy rain, with some drier interludes. Today was the first day of the three-day Wirksworth Carnival event weekend and passenger numbers were surprisingly reassuring despite the terrible weather conditions. The Narrow Gauge and Model Railway were open and the buffet car proved a welcome place for people to shelter. Today's Day with a Driver and his guests had a good time even with the weather.

The SK was given a good mopping out after the use it had in the week and cleaning of the luggage racks in the Met-Camm Centre Car continued.

The Carnival continues tomorrow and hopefully it will be a much better day weather-wise.

Mike Evans

Friday, 28 May 2010

Progress Friday 28th May 2010

Dear all
A substantial contingent put inordinate amounts of fuel in the dmu fleet and carried out a selection of small maintenance jobs so all is ready for the weekend. There was some driver familiarisation on Hydra and four participants were very ably looked after by Hylton and Vince on their Group Drive a Diesel Day. The formula for these days seems about right now with the morning shunting the Yard and the afternoon trip down the line. The dmu bogies residing in the Car Park were pulled north to maximise the space for cars over the weekend.
There was a team assembling elements for next week's commencement of the rebuilding of Duffield platform and a lock was fitted to the brick cabin ready for its role to store building supplies.
Catering fed our Drive a Diesel clients and received supplies for the weekend and further progress was made with our computer network. The latter culminated with the installation of chip and pin in the Booking Hall and I am proud to say I made the first, small, purchase using the system. I invite you all to give it a go - it's not like using real money!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Progress Thursday 27th May 2010

Dear all
Not an unpleasant day if a little cold which may have helped the Permanent Way Team achieve another high output of 35 sleepers changed together with 5 pairs of fishplates greased - a wonderful achievement. The MyTestTrack installation on the Gorsey Bank line was completed and gleams with a coat of white paint. The Komatsu, in the capable hands of Mike Billings, levelled the heaps of excavated material dropped from the Mermaid during the initial Army assisted work at Duffield. These were, by the nature of the vehicle, tipped at the sleeper ends and would have frustrated sleeper changing in this area on the long straight north of Duffield.
VCT turned their attention to fence repairs in the area of Bridge DJW11 for the benefit of the farmer there. Bridge repairs also continued courtesy of Network Rail.
The Booking Hall received a few visitors and Catering prepared for the Bank Holiday weekend.
PS There will be a team at Duffield on Sunday to keep the productivity up - please join if you can

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Progress Wednesday 26th May 2010

Dear all
Back to normal after the excitements of yesterday. The Permanent Way Team are really cooking on gas with a splendid 31 sleepers changed together with 6 pairs of fishplates greased. They are now just past "Edwards" Crossing, the first accommodation crossing out of Duffield and ready to head off along the long straight.
The final touches were put to the test track installation on the Gorsey Bank line with tomorrow set to give the final coat of paint to the feature. Surprisingly, contractors arrived to work on one the arches of bridge DJW11 to repair the brickwork. We thank Network Rail again for their generosity in funding this work.
There was brief activity in the Model Railway Display and further fine tuning of the automatic hanging basket watering system.
The Booking Hall was in action and much general housekeeping achieved.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Progress Tuesday 25th May 2010

Dear all
The day has had a most enjoyable feel as we launched Ferrybridge No3. However, before these excitements there was the southern team that changed a record 31 sleepers with quite a small group from our organisation but a significant contribution form the "back to work" youth. I am not sure we can keep up with the expenditure but I will try very hard.
The LMSCA seem to be attracting and ever larger work force and they will achieve their targets without any difficulties, it says here. The VCT declared pride in their activities but were somewhat inhibited in reporting on the day's work as we concluding a most satisfactory deal with a new customer when their representative returned to base. A written submission suggests  that in the area of DJW 8 fence repairs were conducted on the "Down" or west side, the metal railings on the "Up" side were repaired and primed. On Footpath F5 there was a patch of the stile on the "Down" side.I have to say without these actions the Railway would never open and these endeavours are really appreciated.
Now we come to the main event of the day. There was a most pleasant welcome to No3 with a range of people that represented the energy and enterprise put into this project from the original owner, to the funders, to the restoration team to the "driver" of the project and his very able assistant. The sight of No3 storming through Idridgehay for the benefit of the press was quite a delight and the added mixture of a Polish driver on the footplate added a certain magic to the occasion.
Thanks to Neil we attracted both BBC East Midlands and Central TV, not an easy task, to the event and I trust these enterprises encourage most visitors to arrive.
I believe all involved enjoyed their day with us and I echo my compliments to the funders, the restoration team. the determination of Mike and Pat Craft and the attendance of our Polish visitors to what must have been perceived by them of a very British event.
Rejoice that we have joined the steam age with its added burden of the "wrong kind of coal" and "is there any water" - I am sure all will conquered by these added demands on our very day life.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Progress Monday 24th May 2010

Dear all
We welcomed four enthusiasts for their own take on the Group Drive a Diesel Day. They enjoyed a detailed inspection of our facilities with opportunities to drive L J Breeze under the expert guidance of Richard Buckby ably assisted by Patrick Lidgett. Judging by the smiles they all enjoyed their time with us.
In parallel with this, Chris Richardson from the Class 20 Association gave a splendid day of refreshment and training on D8001. This also had the advantage of using two vacuum braked coaches, a combination not possible until recent arrivals, where opportunity was taken to appreciate the different "feel" of braking this stock. All participants declared the exercise well worth while.
The resident computer boffins traced a mysterious fault between the Office and server and Lynette pressed on with the station garden. There was much buffing up of our passenger stock after its use for training and their was fine tuning of the hanging basket automatic watering system.
John had his usual peaceful Monday Booking Hall turn disturbed by all the people on site today together with a few speculative visitors.
The sun was shining and all was well with the world

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Progress Sunday 23rd May 2010

Dear all,

Another heroic day of heat exhaustion, especially at Duffield which is
nearer the equator, where the rail temperature reached 38 degrees. The
Sunday P-Way gang laboured to cope with sunburn while removing two G
clamps, greasing 4 sets of fish plates and changing11 sleepers, and in
order to prove their boundless enthusiasm, went on to drop a further 60
sleepers. They will be hosed down shortly.

At Wirksworth the passengers sweltered along at a leisurely 25 mph, with
sales of ice cream going through the roof. The SK carriage ("Pimp my
ride") received cosmetic light bulbs and repairs to its worst armrests
to complete the work to the interior. It is not true that we have fitted
a boomer in the toilet, blue lights to the chassis and a chrome spoiler,
so we can run down the line with the windows open playing bonga bonga
music and mooning to people in Hazelwood.

Meanwhile at Wirksworth Traction Maintenance Depot ("Shed"), the
engineers, in a frenzy of activity, repaired the chugger in the Bubble
Car; fitted new batteries in the 108 and started it (to their
considerable joy); replaced the exhaust of LJ Breeze and washed it (LJ
Breeze, not the exhaust) and adjusted the brakes on the class 117 before
ransacking the cold drink fridge. In the midst of all this the steam
team filled, oiled and polished Ferrybridge No3 and cleared us out of
mineral water.

All the best,

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Progress Sat 22nd May 2010

Evening all,

What a scorcher! Today was clearly the hottest day of the year too far and it seemed to be all too much for everyone, with a surge in ice cream and cold drink sales even giving the new system a migraine! The passenger service ran all day and our Day with a Driver was most satisfied.

Today was very much a day of coaches - perhaps it shouldn't have been as it was baking inside them! The problem with coaches and rolling stock in general is that in the winter they are freezing cold and in the summer they are baking hot.

The SK which was delivered to the platform yesterday had treatment from the passenger services department to make it more presentable for use in service. In their own words "it has been pimped". Jobs included cleaning underneath all of the seats and replacing some of the cushions which has worn threadbare with ones from the BSK. The BSK won't be in service for a while so it buys more time to get those recovered. The interior notices were then tended too with some homemade but very realistic "Alarm Pull" notices being made up. The luggage racks were then cleaned and repaired, with new string being applied so that passengers don't have their own luggage hitting them over the head in transit. Finally, to finish off, it then has the antimacassars installed. This vehicle is looking far more presentable now and it is hats off to those inside working in this heat.

The Met-Camm Centre Car had a final top coat of gloss applied to the middle compartment ceiling by myself, whilst the rest of the team made a start on cleaning the luggage racks with wirewool whilst the paint dried (not long considering the heat). Afterwards, the team made a start on returning some of the aluminium trim to the rightful positions but 'gave up' after a short while declaring it too hot. During the morning some of the team oiled up all of the brakework and linkages on the underframe as it was very rusty and dry underneath.

Over the way, the LMSCA were laughing at everybody else. They had a huge fan to keep them cool whilst they continued installing the ceiling insulation in the TO. The thing with insulation is that it is very good at keeping heat in during the winter but is equally as good at dissipating the heat in the summer.

It seems as though we can't have a happy medium with the weather, it is either too cold or two hot and we moan at both. I'm off for a shower.

Mike Evans via Leigh

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Friday, 21 May 2010

Progress Friday 21st May 2010

Dear all
A lovely day with a great deal of preparation work achieved for the weekend and week ahead. The Passenger Services and Catering Department received goods and restocked their emporiums.
A delivery of a further 200 sleepers was also received and loaded to the Flatrol and Lowmac while Phil escorted potential clients on a whole line tour. Tuesday's passenger stock was shunted to Platform 1 for cleaning and the Works Train remarshalled for positioning at Duffield. On Phil's return the consist was taken to Duffield, collecting the Sturgeon en route for its new role as the working platform for Duffield platform renovations.
The Met-Cam centre car received attention with the glossing of part of the ceiling.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Progress Thursday 20th May 2010

Dear all
As ever, activity on many fronts today with the permanent way team drilling and spiking sleepers together with fish plate removal and greasing. The Works Train travelled back to Wirksworth discharging the worst of the removed sleepers en route and the metal scrap into the waiting container at Shottle. VCT were in action about 1 1/4 miles from Duffield and achieved their usual level of success and the flail made quite an impact between milepost 134 1/4 and the end of the line.
The Works Train made its way back to Wirksworth so that "Tommy" could have a service and the Flatrol and Lowmac would be in position to receive a further delivery of sleepers. The LMSCA continued with the refit of the their Third Open coach and their was much painting of structures around the station.
A significant development for the revenue earning area of our Railway was the connection of the garage to our water supply. The mastermind behind this prefers to remain anonymous so I have called him "David". Three cheers for "David" who has enabled to earn a little extra from our tenant and thus improve the opportunities for completing the Duffield project.
I have saved the best till last as today saw a test for the launch of Ferrybridge No3 taking a two coach consist from Wirksworth to Idridgehay with diesel assistance where necessary. I and the other participants of this, yet again, milestone marvelled at how we had progressed from a derelict railway to the state we are in now. Once again I take my hat off to those involved in the restoration of No3 and those that provided the significant funds to make it happen. A truly most enjoyable experience that was impossible only a few short years ago. The residents of Bournebrook Avenue seemed to appreciate the new form of traction with many waves and a strange rush to take the washing in. Even the dog at Idridgehay seemed to be bemused by the shorting beast adjacent to his home.

Wirksworth Carnival 2010 Visitor Information

The Wirksworth Carnival event proceedings are now available online at

Our own operating timetable can be viewed at

Please note the dates of the carnival as they were printed erroneously in the local Community Fayre publication.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Progress, Wednesday 19th May

Evenin' all,

Per way had another excellent day and replaced the remaining 18 sleepers of the previous delivery. This has taken the team north of Holloway Road crossing (F2). They also managed to grease 8 pairs of fishplates, as well as loading a wagon full of scrap sleepers. The young team were there again today and were a little slower than yesterday due to various aches and pains from yesterday.

DRE completed the drilling of the rails for the new test obstacle on the Hannages, the assembly now requires its final packing and levelling (with shims)

The Model railway types were busy in their den adding to the set for our junior visitors.

Tomorrow sees ballast fettling and snagging in the Holloway Road area, as well as discharging the old sleepers to the compost heap. The train will depart from Duffield at midday to return to Wirksworth. It will need to overtake the VCT and the flail en route.


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Progress, Tuesday 18th May

Evenin' all,

Martin made a welcome return, after being stuck under a cloud - actually in Venice and delayed by a day due to volcanic ash.

The strength of the per way team at Duffield was doubled by a gang of lads from Intraining, a scheme to get people into work. I must say that our team were very appreciative of the extra help, they will be here tomorrow and Thursday. The new super gang managed 30 sleepers, equalling the highest total this year. They also started to recover scrap material.

The VCT continued around MP 134.25, and have made a great opening around Bluebell Wood south.

The drilling of the new check/bridge rails on the Hannages started but was delayed due to the magdrill suffering from prolonged downtime. A replacement drill eventually arrived - work will continue tomorrow.

No3 had more attention to little niggles and continued to be made ready.

The Carriage group continued work on the Stanier coaches, whilst slowly roasting themselves. The Multiple Unit in Platform 1 had further cleaning carried out.

We also welcomed back a team from Sperry Rail International, who brought some people to be trained on some of their equipment - it was nice to see them back.

Tomorrow sees the new improved per way team at Duffield, and they will lay the remaining sleepers to take us to Holloway Road foot crossing.

The Works train will return to Wirksworth on Thursday around lunchtime ready to be restocked.


Monday, 17 May 2010

Progress, Monday 17th May

Evenin' all,

A nice sunny day brought several groups to Wirksworth so that visitors
could have a look around.

Amongst that we had staff from Thales around to survey the removal of various bits from the Underground testing site.We had a further 4 bookings for Group DAD, the postponement of tomorrow's 1530 test due to the customer not being quite ready, this to be replaced by another
customer testing equipment in the yard, whilst another customer has arranged a prelim visit on Friday - the Admin side has been busy!

Some routine cleaning and servicing on the class 20.

Tomorrow sees a big leap forward at Duffield with sleeper changing. This week should see the gangs passing the Holloway Road crossing!


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Progress Report Sunday the 16th of May 2010

Dear all,

Firstly an apology: Mr Stuart Smith had provided me with a note of an
important operational matter to be conveyed in the course of this
report, which I had carefully lodged in my trouser pocket. Upon my
return to the Chateau Shone I inadvertently conveyed my trousers to the
washing machine without first extricating the said note, which is now
unfortunately in flagrante delicto with my smalls, doing the rounds as
it were. I am sure Mr Smith will present his note to you all personally
after I have reported for the usual interview.

Meanwhile at Duffield, the Sunday P-way team changed 11 sleepers
assisted by the Iceni Explorer Venture Scouts, who were reported to be
tired but happy, as scouts often are. Back at Wirksworth, a sunshiny day
brought out a goodly number of the populace to sample our railway, as
well as a Day with Driver and his guests from the vicinity of Ilkeston.
In the Mess Room the biscuit du jour was the Butter Puff. Those of you
intimately familiar with our Mess Room will know that the Company, in a
show of considerable largess (I quote the General Manager) provides tea,
coffee and sugar, and we the volunteers provide milk, biscuits and
occasionally cake for the mutual refreshment and enjoyment of the
workers, the tea break being a major element of the days doings, indeed
in some cases, the entire element in the days doings. Regrettably, after
a unanimous vote, the Butter Puff has not made it to the list of
approved biscuits (digestives, custard creams, chocolate hob-nobs) on
account of it tasting like the end of a mop.

These trials and tribulations to one side, various manly work took place
in the yard, with the ceiling of the Met Cam centre car receiving
careful priming by Mr Gration and his close personal friend; also the
class 108 exterior was scrubbed with a conscript, after which it was
then scrubbed properly with the Passenger Manager, and although this
vehicle (late of the East Anglian Railway Museum) cannot be described as
pristine, it is receiving a considerable amount of cleaning both
interior and exterior, and had its buffers washed by Rob and its steps
painted by Matt to make it look a bit better.

All the best,

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Progress Report Saturday the 15th of May 2010

Dear all,

A pleasant steady sort of day. The passenger service bobbled cheerfully
up and down and the Day with a Driver went home delighted, having first
explained the considerable difficulties of driving up from Norfolk on
the A17, a road very sadly beset by tractors and pig lorries.

Meanwhile several carriages were shunted into platform 1 and a multitude
of the great and the good gathered round to give them some much needed
TLC. The SK had is brakes and vacuum tested and was then cleaned inside
as well as being cleaned outside (for the second time in two weeks). It
now smells strangely of Lily of the Valley. Next to it the gleaming
green Met Cam centre car received further work to its ceilings and a
great deal of chamfering and sanding took place. Next to that the class
108 was washed by the Duty Conscript and further cleaning took place on
the interior, after which the flowers were watered.

In the yard the class 117 received attention to its heaters, these will
no doubt still be required in High Summer. The LMSCA continued their
noble work on the LMS TO (Tourist Open Carriage) and various items of
scrap, donated by our very dear colleagues at Mrs Miggin's, were
despatched to the skip. During this process some buffers and assorted
DMU parts were transmitted by the miracle of forklift truck from the car
park. The Duty Conscript (clearly bonkers) wanted to undertake some
further more masculine manual work, watering the flowers having brought
out his feminine side, so he was given a voluminous bag of Complete
Railway Aggregate Product to dispose of, which he achieved in very short
order indeed.

Notwithstanding all this hoary-handed effort, the afternoon proved
rather quiet on the passenger front. We understand this was due to some
footballing, a sport second only to Dwile Flonking and Shopping for
Ladies Lingerie in the national consciousness.

All the best,
Mike Evans via Anton

Friday, 14 May 2010

Progress, Friday 14th May 2010

Evenin' all,

A nice quiet day and a chance to catch up on routine work.

The IMT once again went to the 'Racing Straight' and shovel packed
some of the dipped joints, this is normal maintenance work.

The DMU squad have treated Iris, who is now back in service, there was
also routine repairs and upkeep to other vehicles, and a start made on
renewing the brake blocks on the SK coach


Thursday, 13 May 2010

Progress, Thursday 13th May

Evenin' all,

After another icy start this morning, things started to warm up. A
team of welders managed to weld the lengths of rail in the 6' on the
Hannages, ready for a customer so we now have a 100m test rail for
cwr testing.

The Per way gang are now well north of the footbridge at Duffield, and
managed to get 22 sleepers changed, the ground conditions being better
than yesterday.

The Flail worked from Holloway road to close to mp 134 and thrashed
back the vegetation on the downside. The VCT carried out more fencing
work north of Postern Lodge and have now completed the section as far
as the river bridge. They also examined a section of fence that a local
farmer rang me up about at 9pm the other evening - I nearly rang him
back at 3am to check the location!

Back at Wirksworth more work by the carriage dept, and further work on
the new Bridge rails, as well as DMU cleaning.

The per way gang re-convene at Duffield at 0900 on Sunday.


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Progress Sunday the 9th of May 2010

Dear all,

A slightly warmer start saw the recently reformed Sunday P-Way gang
going at it like hammer and tongs at Duffield with 26 sleepers changed
and several others quite surprised. At this rate we will soon be at the
back of Rupert's House. Anyway a hugely successful track day accompanied
by some high level pruning on Holloway Road.

At Wirksworth the fence along the Baileycroft Dock was repaired and
paint applied to the grey brakevan. A little further north, the Duty
Conscript, accompanied by a couple of our own volunteers, finished
laying pipes in the down Cemetary Lane headshunt drain and this now only
needs stoning up before work carries on around the buffer stop.

The newly arrived Met Cam centre car was brought into the platform for
cleaning and is now pristine on the outside, shining greenly in the
sunlight. Work continued on the inside and chassis including painting
and nut tightening, both favourite activities of the DMU team.

The passenger service plodded happily around and the Day with a Driver
went back to Holland very cheerfully. That's Holland the country, not
Holland on Sea. You can't say we're not international here.

ATB, Anton

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Progress Saturday 8th May 2010

Evening all,

Today was very much a day of carriages. The LMS Carriage Association continued work on 27162, progressing with the Bitumastic painting of the roof space (to stop condensation forming) and the new internal bulkhead that was erected in the week. Meanwhile, two tracks away, the DMU team made excellent progress on the Met-Camm Centre Car by putting up the new ceiling in the middle compartment. This will need painting now.

The passenger service bobbled up and down all day, with reasonable numbers considering the damp weather. Due to the lack of any other willing volunteer being in attendance, I multi tasked between guarding and duty manager. I think they have a similar issue tomorrow so if anybody is available to guard then can you please let Robin know.

The messroom also had a tidy up!

Mike Evans via Leigh

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Friday, 7 May 2010

Progress Friday 7th May 2010

Dear all
Another packed day of activity with DRE moving their MyTestTrack installation to site and commencing its installation. You will appreciate that the description of this apparatus is vague as we wish to stay in front of the market.
With the new regime for Works Trains being based at Duffield and operated by Tommy, a well deserved examinatation of L J Breeze and the remedy of a number of maintenance items commenced today. The LMSCA continued the application of the roof bitumen when "he" wasn't diverted into the many discussions relation to the myriad of forms necessary for the operation of a train. Much progress made in this area including the contribution from the Class 20 Association. Opportunity was given to a check on D8001 and leave some check lists on board the locomotive.
A road sweeper was engaged to remove surplus chippings from the station drive and the Booking Hall received a number of visitors brought out by the afternoon sun. The IMT started the very long process of treating "dipped" joints on the Wirksworth to Idridgehay section and dealt with 10 between Milepost 140 and 139 3/4.
A general reminder to our operating staff the Gorsey Bank passenger line is truncated at the Hannages foot crossing while the MyTestTrack installation is being constructed.
I missed commenting yesterday on our "pit men" who reconfigured the coaling area for the new ash pit and commenced the detective work to see whether we can connect a water supply to the garage. The industrial history of this latter project reveals the station approach has been raised by some 18" over the last century.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Progress Thursday 6th May 2010

Dear all
I feel a seed of optimism with one customer arriving on site today after quite a long absence and another one booked in for early June. Associated with the test work DRE & Co made a great deal of noise drilling the rail sections that are part of the new installation to be installed on the Gorsey Bank line and will form an essential part of future road/rail certification. They are assembling components on the newly arrived hand trolleys kindly donated by Harsco Rail. These are modern quality products and are most welcome additions.
Work continued in the Third Open M27162 with a black goo being applied to the interior roof space and it was very pleasing to see the northernmost vestibule partition fitted. VCT had a productive day surveying the fence repairs that will be necessary north of Postern Lodge, moving accumulated metal scrap to the skip at Shottle and beginning to tackle the brash left by "Big Nic" at Old Lane bridge (Derby Road 3) following radical tree surgery achieved last Sunday.
The first pass flailing has now reached Duffield footbridge and the whole line is now showing the benefit of the Komatsu - a mission impossible without such a machine. The initial claim by the PWT of 25 sleepers changed has been downgraded by the credit reference agency to junk status and now stands at 23. They are now close to the Duffield footbridge and report conditions are good.
The phone has also been busy with BuyaGift bookings and we are now taking reservations into October.

Monday, 3 May 2010

New Stock List Available for Download

Evening all,

A new version of the stock list is available to download from the usual place on the official website. Changes this time include the addition of information for Class 101 TSL and BR Mk1 SK and BSK coaches.


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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Progress Report Sunday 2nd of May 2010

Dear all,

The day in which the UK economy was saved from Greek catastrophe by a
sudden increase in the sale of thermal underwear. The passenger service
didn't so much throb as potter. However, we persevered and spread
assorted happiness at least as far as Hanley.

Various drains received attention, including a further third of the
incline drain and two tube lengths (about 10 metres) of the down
Cemetary Lane headshunt drain.

The recently arrived Mark 1 SK carriage was entirely hand washed by new
volunteer Martin and a great deal of green mould removed from its
exterior parts. Some tree attention took place on the line south of
Idridgehay and the Duffield staff paid a visit. An amount of trouser
splitting took place, and a Safe Trouser Working Methodology is now
being sought for the derailer.

All the best,

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Progress Saturday 1st May 2010

Evening all,

A long day dry day with periods of long sunshine helped the first day of the May Bank Holiday event weekend get into full swing.

Services to Idridgehay and Ravenstor ran all day with reasonable loadings and an extra shuttle to Ravenstor was ran for the party of walkers on the "Rail and Quarries of Wirksworth" guided walk. There were two guests driving a diesel today and both thoroughly enjoyed their time shunting with LJ Breeze before moving onto something bigger like the Class 20.

In the afternoon, Ferrybridge No.3 left shed for more training and preparations were made for a private party this evening.

All in all a good day.

I have been asked by Robin to plead with anybody who might be available tomorrow to fill a guarding turn - please!

Graham Walker via Leigh

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