Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Progress Wednesday 14th April 2010

Dear all
If you regard the main project our enterprise is the opening of the whole line to Duffield you would be sorely disappointed today with an attendance of 3.5 people to change the large number of sleepers that will have to be done before the task is complete. If all of you out there are serious about wishing us to win this one there will have to be more effort and commitment put in!
Meanwhile, needle gunning of the Shell/BP tanker commenced for its future role as a water carrier for the steam locomotive. The Model Railway folk were active in their container and Lynette continued her task of reviving the Station garden.
The base for the sub sub shed of Wirksworth that will accommodate the 3 1/2 " gauge carriage and locomotive has been constructed and the commencement of a series of first aid courses started today.
Ferrybridge No 3 is genuinely No3 on both sides of the tank after the attentions of a sign writer.
I welcome comments direct to me at as to why we are having a downturn in the basic requirement to refurbish our track that is an essential requirement of the next six months.
In an endeavour to boost our revenue, Phil has been glad handing at Infrarail with some interesting new possibilities emerging.