Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Progress, Tuesday 27th April

Evenin' all,

A most satisfactory day under clear skies.

The Works train went to Hazlewood and the team managed 24 sleepers in
the ground and have reached MP 135, They have dug their way past the
pile of woodchips! A count was carried out of outstanding sleepers to
be changed.

The VCT worked south of 134 .5, and are now clearing towards 134.25,
they managed a good fire. The Flail managed a cut as far as Postern

The DST rectified various teething problems, including putting in
cleaner water, this cured the priming that occurred on Saturday. They
also continued with driver training in the yard. They are happy.

DRE continued with the manufacture and painting of new rails for the
1530 testing. The Carriage People continued work on the 3rd Open
coach. Fred and Iris commenced the cleaning of the new green Multiple
unit. Lynette continued with gardening outside the Booking Hall, and
needle gunning of the Shell/BP Tanker is nearing completion.

Tomorrow sees the Works train leaving Shottle for Hazlewood. Next week
everything will be based at Duffield.