Thursday, 8 April 2010

Progress Thursday 8th April 2010

Dear all,
Nothing like a little warm sun to raise the spirits and bring a spring to the step with a wealth of activities being undertaken. On a south to north basis DRE have only one more day's work before all the new ground frames are complete with Duffield South levers receiving their appropriate paint today. A little further north VCT were active at the Hazelwood station site claiming that we can now fit 50 cars on our land there. Even further north the small but perfectly formed PW Team changed another 14 sleepers bringing them to Footpath F5 just north of Hazelwood. Progressing ever northwards Phil and I had an opportunity to test out the Multicar for the first time this year giving the section from Idridgehay to Wirksworth a thorough dose of weed killer. Phil also managed to cover a swathe of Wirksworth Yard in the annual battle with unwanted growth.
Within the confines of Wirksworth, Ferrybridge No3 had further attention to its paintwork and the ash pit team worked on the interceptor to prevent nasties going into the Hannages brook and are now ready for the rails to go on tomorrow afternoon. The end product is excellent and we will be ready to receive Tornado next week or maybe Oliver Cromwell?
Vince continued to act as a mountain goat opposite Platform 3 vastly improving the look of the embankment and the Booking Hall received a number of visitors together with the usual phone calls.