Thursday, 29 April 2010

Progress Thursday 29th April 2010

Dear all
As the weather gently prepares itself for a traditional English Bank Holiday weekend there was much activity throughout the empire. The Permanent Way Team exhausted the present supply of sleepers with a commendable 21 changed at Hazelwood and also managed to grease 16 pairs of fishplates including changing, where necessary, the associated bolts.
The PWT were also an exhibit this morning during the visit of a Rolls Royce team building co-ordinator who may facilitate some further assistance from time to time with the sleeper changing process. Mick and Mike tended to the Komatsu to try and stem the loss of hydraulic fluid whilst failing. After their ministrations Mike went on to flail the Postern Lodge to Bridge DJW6 (Derby Road 4). VCT reported a difficult day of mainly hawthorn in the area of Milepost 134 1/4 culminating in one big fire.
DRE completed the fabrication of the steelwork associated with the MyTestTrack project with installation is scheduled for a start next Friday.
The expected coach movements got underway today with some of our team despatching from the Top Plane at Swanwick and some receiving at Wirksworth. The first arrival was a Brake Second Corridor (BSK) that will require a lot of remedial work through next winter followed by a Second Corridor (SK) which is nearly ready to run. These are both BR Mark 1 coaches that will provide back up to the LMS coaches under restoration. With the transport available opportunity has been taken to move a third vehicle which will provide a centre car for our two car Met-Cam dmu set. Thus we now have all the building blocks in place for the predicted opening to Duffield in April 2011.
John Allsop completed the painting of the interior of No3's cab and declared his task finished. The Works Train returned to Wirksworth and shunted the Lowmac into the Car Park to join the Flatrol already there to receive more sleepers tomorrow.