Thursday, 1 April 2010

Progress Thursday 1st April 2010

Dear all
A day of intense activity on so many fronts and I hope I cover them all. Firstly I should mention Vince the Elder who has been working as a mountain goat all week as he tackles the growth opposite Platform 3 - it's quite difficult cutting back the vegetation at 45 degrees to the horizontal.
The LMSCA have been somewhat demanding today as their new arrival was moved from Platform 1 to Platform 2 and back again but they declared success with their sealing endeavours and will be on hand over the weekend to show our visitors what the organisation is all about. I am delighted that one member of the team has started to replace the drop lights on the Saloon with the first now in place.
Much activity surrounded the Buffet Car with the Catering Manager determined to reach new heights of achievement over the weekend - pasta tuna bake and chilli con carne feature. The ash pit project inched forward and the dmu fleet were prepared for the Bank Holiday.
The Permanent Way Team were highjacked to part ballast the sleepers installed underneath Cemetery Lane bridge before loading the Idridgehay crossing gate so splendidly renovated by John Gratton for re- hanging. After this was successfully achieved the PWT gathered up the tools dropped at Hazelwood and loaded a bulk supply of logs for sale at Wirksworth.
The VCT dealt with a further 50 yards on the dreadful section south of Hazelwood that consists of predominantly of blackthorn. I am advised that the new trailer allows for one large fire rather than a multiplicity of small ones. Their endeavours will allow future passengers to enjoy the valley views.
At the southern end of our network DRE made great strides toward the completion of both Duffield ground frames and their associated works.