Thursday, 15 April 2010

Progress Thursday 15th April 2010

Dear all
No sleepers changed but the day has been quite productive in other ways. A consignment of crossing timbers was unloaded from the Sturgeon to a storage area by the former Wash Green weighbridge and the vehicle transferred to the Car Park to load components for Duffield's new platform. The Works Train then took the vehicle to Shottle for stabling until next week. The Car Park is now largely clear of extraneous items and ready for busy times. This was made possible by the ever versatile Komatsu 130.
Needle gunning of the Shell/BP tank continued and Vince the Elder worked away on the bank opposite Platform 3.
VCT had a clear up day at the Hazelwood station site with two fires and some further earth moving to create more parking there. Our usual contractor, "Barry", has made spectacular progress this week with ditching of the long straight just south of Hazelwood, dealing with many years of neglect to very good effect.
Redundant rails were moved from the base of the Incline to the Weighbridge to allow DRE to commence the manufacture of a special section of "bridge" rail that will be installed on the Gorsey Bank line. This is required to keep us ahead in the road/rail testing business and will be unique to the MyTestTrack offer.