Saturday, 24 April 2010

Progress Saturday 24th April 2010

Dear all
That overworked word "milestone" will be used very justifiably to reflect today's achievement. This "milestone" reached was the first running in turn of Ferrybridge No3 which operated on the Gorsey Bank line giving much pleasure to the restoration team and the galaxy of budding steam engine operators. It is truly magnificent to have a working steam engine based at Wirksworth and reflects very great credit on all concerned. The exercise revealed a few minor teething problems which will be worked on before its next appearance.
A great pleasure for me was to welcome 45 people from the Bluebell Railway including a number of them that I had worked with during my four years with the enterprise. They travelled by coach arriving at 1300 and needed to leave again by 1700 hrs so a lot had to be packed in the time available. After a sandwich platter lunch in the Gatwick Express they had their initial trip to Idridgehay to be followed by a journey up the Incline. The narrow gauge operated for them and Tommy made available for footplate experiences. All this was undertaken during the running in turns with No3 culminating in parallel running from Gorsey Bank to Wirksworth - quite a sight. Much appreciation was shown for everyone who welcomed them to our Railway.
The tills worked briskly during the day yielding satisfactory results and thanks are due to the Booking Hall and Catering teams together with the train crews who made it all work so well.
While all the excitement was going on the dmu team managed to rack out their container and change the injectors on 51188.
A really good day.