Sunday, 18 April 2010

Progress Report Sunday the 18th of April 2010

Dear all,

First a late report from yesterday. Saturday, of course, involved the
AGM of Wyvernrail, and shareholders attended from many large and
populous places, but mainly from Idridgehay. Consequently the passenger
service pottered happily about and the sun shone from wall to wall in
peace and blue tranquillity, largely due to there being no aircraft.
Indeed we could hear the birds singing in the afternoon, a great rarity
and a pleasure, as normally the tweeters of Wirksworth have to compete
with 747s turning round the Hognaston Beacon. The LMS Carriage
Association scraped their inside roofs in considerable heat and the duty
conscript began work on the Royal Oak path, which required strengthening
due to, um, heavy traffic.

Sunday dawned equally clear and sunny, and the day was taken up by
further pottering of the passenger service and the attendance of both a
Day with a Driver guest and a Drive a Diesel guest, who appeared
suitably impressed, and participated in a quantity of shunting. The
shunting also involved the DMU group and several DMUs are now attached
to DMUs they have never met before. The Class 31 received routine
maintenance. At Duffield continued brash and bramble work is thought to
have taken place.

Brash and brambles also featured at Wirksworth, with a magistrate of
conscripts attending to assorted clearance, although the one allocated
to Mr Ware's brash proved to be the least effective. On the opposite
side of the site, however, the west side car park retaining wall
received attention and the whole of that embankment is now slated for
brash removal, as part of a general tidy up. This was accompanied by
more filling work on the Royal Oak path and the entire and utter
clearance of the west side of the car park of small rubbish. Mr Chris
Allenby has earned the title "Slapper of the Month" for his efforts
marking out parking spaces; (as opposed to anything else, it being a
well-known fact that "anything else" is the responsibility of the P-way
Dept and has been since that incident with the lingerie at Barnsley
Lane, some time ago).

All the best,