Sunday, 11 April 2010

Progress Report Sunday the 11th of April 2010

Dear all,

Well, another sunny day. Let's begin down south at Duffield, where the
Rodders Sack and Bag Company have been weedkilling and the S&T Dept have
completed their work on the north ground frame except for the Annets
Lock and the insertion of the up Duffield fixed distant signal.

At Wirksworth a long list of jobs were in hand. At Cemetery Lane the
duty conscript carried on with the headshunt drainage project, and
various huge stones were dug out. The Baileycroft dock wall was
deforested of assorted weeds and impecunious greenery. The former dust
dock wall was painted, and the Booking Hall canopy received an
undercoat. The Day with a Driver declared himself satisfied having been
both to Ravenstor and to Idridgehay and had Gorsey Bank thrown in for
good measure.

The steam team proceeded with finishing works to Ferrybridge No3
including smokebox and vacuum brake matters and holes for the builders
plate. The Class 31 received attention and the DMU team began painting
the guards compartment of railcar 50599. This latter process being
interrupted by a Moment with the afternoon train service; application of
the Birmingham Screwdriver; two trains late; Duty Manager's hammock
shaken; Cadets despatched to furthest points of the empire to hold
passenger's hands; EP valves and heads scratched; Waterfall fairies
found inebriated in a bottle if Islay Malt; Duty Manager hoarse; What a

All the best,