Friday, 23 April 2010

Progress Friday 23rd April 2010

Dear all
Amazingly another very pleasant day that continued to raise the spirits in the hope that the summer will permit us all to enjoy ourselves without reaching for umbrellas and keeping the central heating on every night.
Back to the facts! No 3 has been warmed through ready for tomorrow's tests and the ash pit project was drawing to a conclusion with only one more day's work to complete the task. THe dmu maintenance team concentrated on the doors of the "Bubble Car" and had a good housekeeping day. DRE continue the manufacture of the special rail section required for MyTestTrack and declared that the project had reached the halfway stage.
IMT undertook a whole line patrol paying particular attention to the Hazelwood - Duffield section and achievd a most productive day.
An encouraging phone call was received from John Young of the Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway who looks after two Andrew Barclay locomotives including one with the works number 2361. Ours has the works number 2360 so they must have been sisters or brothers in the factory. He suggested that the two should reunite some time which seems quite a good idea.
The Booking Hall welcomed an amazing number of people for a Friday and it seems to all be related to the completion of No3 - it bodes well for the attraction of this machine to our visitor numbers.