Sunday, 4 April 2010

Progress Easter Sunday 2010

Dear all,

In the engineerium various repairs and varnishing was carried out to the
doors of railcar 50599, continuing the work begun yesterday. At the
south end of the line, the S&T Dept spent the day putting in the point
connections and facing point locks for the Duffield south ground frame.
This is now largely complete and there is only some outstanding work on
the north frame to be addressed. Around the yard various fouling point
markers were put in, and these do not relate to dog walking.

The main business of the day was, however, Easter. Chilly weather
brought a rather slow start but passengers and visitors picked up after
lunch and we spent the rest of the day entertaining small children in
the hunt for Easter Eggs and increasing the General Public Happiness,
our foremost task. We received very many compliments about how lovely
our railway is, how friendly the staff are and how neat and tidy the
operation is: I am most grateful to everyone involved.

Will staff kindly park on the ballast dock tomorrow, as you did today.

All the best,