Saturday, 13 February 2010

Progress Saturday 13th February 2010

Evening all,
A strange kind of day, having arrived at Wirksworth to a covering of snow to then have torrential rain/sleet upon departure, with drier interludes in the middle.
During the course of the day, a multitude of tasks were performed. These tasks included putting a lone dogfish into the ballast dock first thing this morning and then moving Iris over to the pit. The process of checking each unit ready for passenger services to start on the 20th March has begun. This includes checking final drive oil levels, gearbox oil levels, engine oil levels, fan belts, brakes and batteries etc etc. Also on the battery front, 51188 is on charge and therefore should not be moved without the battery charger being unplugged! Todays Duty Conscript, who seemed quite interested in railways, had the task of washing down LJ Breeze to make it a bit cleaner. It is often useful to do this task to remove oil and grease from the steps and external areas to help reduce the risk of somebody slipping.
At the back of the shed, a small team continued with Ferrybridge No.3 which is looking much more like a proper locomotive now.
Down at the station, the Booking Hall had a fair few people come through the doors for a look and there was a team of people working in the Model Railway. Some work continued on the minature gauge railway also.
Graham Walker via Leigh

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