Saturday, 2 January 2010

Saturday 2nd January 2010

Hi all,
Ah the first working day of the new decade and it had a decidedly snowy theme to it. Never mind eh, the show will go on.
There were two main thrusts today, the first one was in the Class 119 with the whole of the large Second Class compartment being cleaned out so that work can commence in it. It doesn't sound much to write about but really gives the team a sense of achievement.
The other thrust was to remove the faulty alternator from LJ Breeze so that the problem can be rectified. Although it only really had a few bolts holding it on, as usual there was a plethora of badly-designed bits in the way preventing easy access. This took most of the day in the end. With no alternator, it goes without saying that the batteries are not charging whilst the engine is running so all drivers should make sure that at the end of their turn the locomotive has a shore supply of electrons connected to it so that the locomotive can be used by somebody else (or yourself) the following day.
The Passenger Department manned the Booking Hall and mended the station clock this morning but decided the snow was too bad for any members of the public to venture out so returned to the warmth of their homes early. Don't blame them!
A solid start to 2010!
Graham Walker via Leigh

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