Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Progress, Tuesday 26th January

Evenin' all,

Today was a fine dry day with some sunshine, and lmost warm! Just the
sort of day to carry out some jacking and packing at Duffield. A start
was made on lifting the main line through the platform. In some places
the rails were lifted 4", which means that a lot of stone was shovel
packed. However the end result is quite pleasing on the eye, with the
track nearly level. More reusable sleepers were gathered from Duffield
platform ready for relaying.

The DST had a good day, with the fitting of the lubricator onto the
frame of N0 3, a start was also made on fitting the clothing, which is
now well progressed.

The VCT had another good day, they managed to complete the work at
Holloway Road foot crossing in Duffield. This is our busiest crossing.
They have created a fenced 'coral' and changed the gates. The signs
have still to be fitted, but this should be completed this week.

The Logging dept were in full production, now that they have something
to chop.. Elsewhere in the car park, more electrical fitting out in the
new Catering suite as well as the new Carriage dept HQ.

Our visiting Tamper, crossed to the Pit for some changing of bits
before resuming its test. Whilst our Komatsu visited the nearby
workshops for a full service and to have a new tappet clearance fitted
(the chap at the garage tried to tell me that they come in packs of
three - but you cant kid me, I know that Tappet clearances are cheaper
by the dozen!)

Tomorrow sees the Per way team reporting to Shottle for sleeper
changing. Dont forget the PTS course for those booked for it.