Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Progress, Tuesday 19th January

Evenin, all,

A fairly small per way turnout today, they read about jack 'n' pack.
But due to technical problems yesterday we were unable to do any
jacking and packing at Duffield. Instead, 2 x 30' Insulated Block
Joints (IBJ's) were attached to the southern end of the Loop headshunt
at Duffield to create the southern RRAP. Several tons of pre used stone
was then dropped on the site to build up the Road Rail Access Point.
Another team changed 3 sleepers in the tunnel and also laid 'out 18
sleepers on the northern headshunt in the tunnel ready for the last
pair of 45' rails. Some of the old S&T troughing was also collected
ready for a new life.

The Works Train acted as a pick up freight today loading and dropping
off materials along the line for the VCT. They principally worked at
Holloway Road foot crossing, where they are carrying out work to the
gates and fence around the crossing. They report that much of the work
on the Up side has been completed. It was nice to see them back after a
coupleo of weeks 'snow' leave.

The DST held another planning meeting, and were able to repair some
final bits on the new boiler (weeping holes) and removed bits ready for
the boiler cladding to be fitted.

The S&T dept continued with the build up of Duffield South Ground
Frame, as well as producing more roller stools.The Coaching dept kept
busy fitting out their workshop adding more cables etc.

Tomorrrow, all per way staff to report to Shottle for sleeper changing
around Derby Road No. 4 Bridge. Many of the team are doing their PTS at
1230 at Wirksworth.

Neil on behalf of Phil