Thursday, 7 January 2010

Progress Tues 5th Jan 2010

Afternoon all,

We started out full of good intentions but were beaten by the weather.

LJBreeze and train were fired up, as was the Komatsu to travel to
Duffield to unload rails for our main line.However as things were
warming up, the snow started. It settled on the rail head and added to
existing snow. it meant that there was difficulty in getting traction.
So, bearing in mind all of the paper work that would be needed if
things went wrong, we decided to abandon the trip at about 0900. A few
other members struggled to get in - even the General Manager was at his
post before 0800, the weather continued to deterioate and the desicion
was taken to continue working from home. (It took 3 hours to get back
to Buxton) Some members had reached the sunny, balmy southern extremity
of the line at Duffield. When they were informed of the cancellation,
they had a cup of tea before going home as well.

This afternoon, I had a phone call from Central Networks about the
Elictricity pole at Duffield to be moved, unfortunately he was looking
at the wrong pole. So another site meeting will take place when he gets
a new plan!

If the weather improves we will try again in the morning to move the
trin and drop the rails. Loco crew to report to Wirksworth.