Thursday, 7 January 2010

Progress Thursday 7th January 2010

Dear all
The really good news today is that the very, very hardy Permanent Way team have completed the placing of rails in the "main line" at Duffield including cutting and inserting the "closure" rails. There are only a few clips installed so there must be no train movements over the line yet. Next week's attack will hopefully deal with the complete clipping up and a general tidying of the site at Duffield together with the removal of surplus materials. This most significant achievement in unbelievably foul weather conditions should not be underestimated. We are almost there with a double track layout through Duffield and immensely useful headshunts at both the south and north end of the layout. Those involved in this exercise deserve heartfelt thanks from us all!
There were a few rays of economic help as we now have two MyTestTrack bookings for next week and we are beginning to take BuyaGift bookings well into the new year. DRE continued to fabricate parts for the Duffield Ground Frames installations and the VCT concentrated their efforts on a new rail trailer for the Landrover conducting their own version of the 1530 tests. This was deemed successful with the new trailer negotiating pointwork at the north end of the Yard without problem.
The last item of note was the record breaking run of the Works Train from Duffield to Wirksworth in a spectacular 55 minutes aided by a gate keeper travelling by road to Idridgehay and Gorsey Bank. It is reported that the radiators within L J Breeze really warmed up. A remarkable feat given the rail conditions and sub zero temperatures.