Thursday, 28 January 2010

Progress, Thursday 28th January

Evenin' all,

Only 4 on the Per way team meant that 10 sleepers were changed, naturally they were all jarrah ones and fought the drill, but well done to the chaps for that.

The VCT were working at F7, they have replaced to Up side stile with a new gate, which was good.

S&T were mob handed and made 2 concrete benches for Duffield and continued on making sleeper end rodding rollers.

Passenger Services continued moving stock and setting up in their new premises.

Today also saw compltetion of testing of the last underground tamper, it just has to be weighed tomorrow. It is fair to say that we will miss Mark, Ian and Tony and the rest of the team. They had small gifts presented to them so that they can remember their time with us.

A call was made to Severn Trent water concerning the continuing water flow near to Callow Park, in case there is a burst pipe there. We first thought that the water was from snow melt, but it has not slowed down.

A little light gardening as well as log chopping also took place.