Thursday, 21 January 2010

Progress Thursday 21st January 2010

Dear all
Much activity on site today with numerous very useful tasks being achieved. The contractors refit of the former Kave cabins was completed allowing electrical work to continue and the water supply was boxed in outside the cabin to prevent future frost damage. The end product is to provide us with a small office, food preparation area, catering stores and passenger services stores together with a new Training Room. This will enable disposal of the Passenger Office and present Training Room which are showing signs of their age. Opportunity was to effect repairs to the water supply that serves the DCS cabin damaged during the recent cold weather.
DRE concentrated on the intricate metal work to create the locking mechanism for the new ground frames that will be released by the Wirksworth to Duffield train staff. The Permanent Way Team, after discharging scrap metal at Shottle,  changed a creditable 21 sleepers and are within ten of DJW 6 bridge north of Hazelwood. Having used all their supplies they loaded the Lowmac and Flatrol with logs to the great satisfaction of the Logging Dept. who had been without supplies for a little while.
The VCT had a most productive day that started at Wash Green to prepare for next week's EMC testing of the final Tube Lines vehicle and then moved on to Callow Park to repair the fence taken down to accommodate the filming of Five Days 2. They then went onwards to Barnsley Lane bridge to clear some vegetation away from the structure and on again to an area north of Shottle where six trees were taken down. They finally reviewed the work to improve two foot crossings south of Shottle at the request of the County's footpaths officer. An impressive performance!
A visit to the Carriage Department revealed the electrics well nearly completed with more plug sockets than seen in the average house. There is heavy investment planned in the machinery to support the continued restoration and maintenance of the LMS coaches to be based with us.
New tenants for our garage began the process of determining what will be necessary to bring up to standard for their car repair business.