Thursday, 14 January 2010

Progress Thursday 14th January 2010

Dear all
A further interesting day where the weather conspired to frustrate us. With two test customers booked we were nervous about the ground and rail conditions but one customer was successfully put through his paces but the other was heavily delayed by road conditions and will be dealt next week all being well.
The Permanent Way Team added another 30 feet of track to the northern headshunt at Duffield enabling them to work in the relative comfort of the tunnel. They then collectively brought the Works Train back to Wirksworth with a little shunting at Shottle to drop the Sturgeon off and collect the three Dogfish for loading with ballast next Monday. These tasks are not easy when there is a significant amount of snow on the ground.
DRE remained indoors today as he created the angle iron frame for Duffield South Junction Ground Frame without the benefit of his usual assistant who remains snowbound. The IT and computer system update moved on with the aid of the Carriage Department who cut the necessary raised flooring to size - a pleasant interdepartmental joint effort. The Carriage Department also reported much progress with the wiring and lighting within their new base making much of how warm they are in their insulated container!
Quietly progressing in the difficult conditions is the transfer of stores from the present Passenger Office to the new luxury accommodation in the former Kave Cabins.