Sunday, 17 January 2010

Progress Sunday the 17th of January 2010

Dear all,

A bright almost mild sunny day at last, which brought out many of our
volunteers. In contrast to last week when we were inundated with
conscripts, this week the single attendee was delegated to the removal
of the Christmas decs from the Met Cams followed by cleaning. We were
delighted to welcome back Carline's Drains and Rodding after a short
intermission and work therefore commenced on the Incline Cess Drain,
which has been choked by weeds and bullrushes, and infested with
hedgehogs (apparently).

In the Facilite' Internationale de Chemins de Fer de Bob Gibbens, the
north end shed doors received an undercoat of paint (the sun having come
out) and the Class 119 Appreciation Society declared the interior lights
of that unit operational, having had a day of electricals.

In the stores a large quantity of bits of scrap wood left by the
carpenters was toiled down the icy yard to the fire and given a fine
send off; items of larger and useful wood being deposited in the wood store.

The Signals and Telegraphs Department was back up to full strength with
the return of Mr R Hatch, who has been staying in An Hermitage during
the Foule Weather. This being so, they despatched themselves to
Duffield, where, mob handed, the track levels through the platform were
surveyed and staked out. On return to base camp, further work was
carried out on the Duffield South Ground Frame, and the Duffield North
Ground Frame was admired by many passers by which the sunshine had
brought out.

All the best,