Saturday, 9 January 2010

Progress Sat 9th January 2010

Dear all,

A rather satisfying and successful day in many respects. The weather,
though cold, was barely snowy at all, and the sun shone on the righteous
(that is Wirksworth) for most of the day. We began with the clearing of
paths around the station and platform and this carried on gradually
until lunchtime so that we could make our way around without falling
over. The entire Derbyshire salt supply was then spread on the front step.

Christmas being over, the decorations were removed from the Booking
Hall, from the quad and the tree and have been laid out temporarily in
the Mess Room to dry. As many of you know it is traditional to give the
Christmas Tree a Vikings Funeral and Mr Geoff Adams normally conducts
this ceremony with us standing round singing "We'll keep the Red Flag
flying here" whilst burning copies of the Daily Mail: this always raises
the spirits. Unfortunately the tree was frozen in the hole, so it will
have to wait.

Meanwhile, the Class 119 Appreciation Society, or those parts of it not
snowed up in the Whore and Trumpet at Pride Park (A Marston's Tavern),
set to and proceeded with the removal of the old bitumen paint from
under the ceiling in the north compartment, continuing the effort begun
some time ago. At the end of the day considerable happiness reigned as
there are now only five untouched panels to deal with.

All the best,
Anton, in absence of Higher Powers.