Sunday, 3 January 2010

Progress Report Sunday the 3rd of January 2010

Dear all,

The snow lay deep and crisp and even all over Wirksworth today and
Buxton was inevitably cut off. This news was delivered by the miracle of
telephonic communication by Mr Tarry and we considered that the best way
to deal with this emergency was by sending a St Bernard dog with a
barrel of brandy. Unfortunately we haven't got a St Bernard dog or any
brandy so we have sent Spank, the station cat, with the last of the
digestive biscuits. It may take some time for Spank to reach Buxton.

Meanwhile, in Wirksworth, the chief activity of the day involved the
Class 119 Appreciation Society and a great deal of scraping and peeling
of that orange Formica which so badly infests 1980s refurbished DMUs.
Much of the original wood effect has been uncovered to the delight of
all concerned.

Around the station and yard considerable pottering went on. The station
clock is now back in its usual position; the new 2010 timetable posters
have been put up (also at Duffield), the GLV has been re-ordered;
display steam locomotive Kathryn has been cleaning by the application of
a conscript and hot soapy water; various visitors dealt with in the
Booking Hall; the Mess Room specially cleaned; and all our guards flags
washed for the New Year in a frenzy of fairy liquid.

All the best,