Sunday, 31 January 2010

Progress Report Sunday the 31st of January

Dear all,

A bright sunshiny day here in Wirksworth. The steam team continued
clothing the boiler of Ferrybridge No3; the DMU team proceeded with the
scraping and removal of the orange formica from the 119 and the
inspection of its electrical parts. Please do not idly enter the 119 at
the moment - it is temporarily in a delicate state - unless you have
been instructed to do so by Mike Evans. After lunch the DMU team, taking
a break from their thrusting endeavours, went over to Mrs Miggins for an
exchange of fraternal greetings with the class 20 group.

In the yard the S&T Department carried on fitting out their box van and
three more of the famous hernia-inducing jarrow crossing timbers were
manhandled into position next to the weighbridge in order to permit work
to begin on yet another of our numerous lever frames. The Passenger Dept
dealt with various visitors which the sunny weather had brought out, and
re-organised the front gate signage.

In late news from yesterday LJ Breeze was once again rectified having
developed a taste for Saturday failures, and shunter Tommy had her
alternator adjusted and her belts twanged by our many experienced
engineers. The dogfish were duly shunted into the ballast dock before
being shunted out again, but are now placed very prettily (after the
second attempt and a valium) ready for tomorrow.

All the best,