Sunday, 10 January 2010

Progress Report Sunday the 10th of January 2010

Dear all,

Another heroic, I say heroic, day at Wirksworth Station in atrocious
conditions. A magistrate of conscripts were delegated to snow clearance
and much of the station benefited from this effort, though it started
to snow again about 15.30. However, at least the snow line around the
station is no longer up to one's wellies.

The Class 119 Appreciation Society (Whore and Trumpet Division) were in
attendance today and consequently the scraping of the interior ceiling
panels proceeded, together with a lot of unexplained banging. Almost the
whole of the compartment ceiling being worked on yesterday is now complete.

Working off the "Round Toit" list (and having to set aside anything
involving paint or drains) the former Gents toilet door was donated from
the station, and through the combined efforts of the Passenger Dept and
the Class 119 Appreciation Society, has been fitted to the north end of
the shed and panelled in. The purpose of this exercise is not, I should
point out, to make the shed secure, it is to stop the wind howling
through the shed and freezing the balls off the Dream Steam Team's Brass
Monkeys, which are very delicate at this time of year.

All the best,