Monday, 4 January 2010

Progress Monday 4th January 2010

Dear all
A bitterly cold day saw the arrival of 14 rails needed to complete the track work at Duffield and these were loaded to the Sturgeon for transport to Duffield tomorrow. In addition to the rails, Pandrol clips and new flat bottom fishplate bolts were loaded making the combined value of the load close to a staggering £6,000. A great deal of time was spend in readying LJB and the Sturgeon for their journey south as the very low temperatures we are experiencing do not lend themselves to trouble free operation. LJB's faulty alternator was delivered to the local auto electrical repair man and work to stop a roof leak on M51188 was completed.
The Passenger Services Manager was beginning to set up base in the new Catering establishment as the interior work is now largely complete.
Hat's off to the team that turned out today.
PS - Big Nic is attending tomorrow for some serious tree felling and will require VCT support to make his visit worth while. He will be at Wirksworth for 0900hrs.
PPS - It would be very helpful if those of you who have been approached by Robin for Works Train crews could give him a few dates for the new rostering system. If the system works we plan to add future passenger and charter services as the year goes by.