Friday, 29 January 2010

Progress Friday 29th January 2010

Dear all,
Arctic conditions have returned with low temperatures and a biting wind that slowed the productivity of all but the most hardy. Today witnessed the final work on Trans Plant tamper TMM771 as it was weighed prior to being positioned for departure on Monday. We said tearful farewells to Mark Brooks, The Tube Lines Project Engineer, who has been with us throughout the contract and has benefited from understanding what open fires and mushy peas mean to folks north of Watford. We also said goodbye to Ian Chapman and Tony Borrington from Halcrow who co-coordinated the whole contract with Tube Lines. They have all been a joy to work with.
The new alternator sourced for LJB was fitted with the attendant problems of wiring it up to be compatible with the systems on the locomotive. DRE spent the day modifying a wing rail for the southern main line point at Duffield with a view to delivering it to site next week.Ian Ambrose is to be congratulated on being passed out to drive the dmu fleet after his training programme and will now spend some time road learning.
The Permanent Way Team will be pleased to know that a fresh supply of sleepers was delivered today and loaded to the Flatrol and Lowmac in the Car Park. The IMT unfortunately had some "squaring up" to do this afternoon to try and get the loads in gauge. They had earlier achieved a whole line inspection removing further debris from a catch pit south of Hazelwood and cleaning the flangeways out at Idridgehay.
Sterling efforts in difficult conditions.