Friday, 15 January 2010

Progress Friday 15th January 2010

Dear all
It would seem that Wirksworth has its own micro climate as this morning, whilst the rest of the UK was thawing out, snow started falling again reluctantly turning to rain as the day progressed. With this backgound the IMT (Infrastrcuture Maintenance Team) set forth with the "de luxe" Landrover, as a very special treat, to deal with a couple of trees that overhung the track with the weight of snow on them. Full valeting was achieved on return to Wirksworth.
DRE, a lone worker, kept his head down and continued to assemble Duffield South Ground Frame within the warth of the Weighbridge. In the cold, damp atmosphere the Motive Power Team shuffled dmus to enable the three Dogfish to be placed in the Wash Green dock for loading Monday and prepared the way for Tommy to enter the Maintenance Facility for a serious attempt to press this machine into service as a back up to LJB.