Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday 22nd January 2010

Dear all
The last vehicle of our contract to test vehicles for the Transmission Based Train Control arrived today and is berthed in Platform 1. It is Trans Plant machine TMM 771 which is a very long tamper requiring an escort car to ensure its arrival at Wirksworth without problem.
The IMT had a day of mixed fortunes that involved two visits to the Car Park to place log carriers in the correct position and then travel by Landrover to research the drainage south of Hazelwood. It was agreed that it was probable that no attention had been paid to this area for 60 or 70 years and any progress would be a bonus. One catch pit was explored that had half a sleeper including a chair of the bullhead type that probably inhibited the flow of water. Many other areas are being revealed where time and lack of activity on the Railway's part has caused  the landowners either side to take action that is not to our advantage. Nonetheless I am sure we will resolve these difficulties over the next few months.
DRE announced that the locking for all three of the new grounds frames is now complete. I have to say that this is a most significant achievement and that, without inflating his ego, no one else could have achieved this without recourse to the size of bankers bonuses that are being paid and getting the contractors in.
Down in the Maintenance Facility sundry activities were in progress to make the Class 119 dmu vehicle water tight. It is a vehicle close to my heart as it contains a very discrete first class smoking area. Oh! those were the days.