Sunday, 31 January 2010

Progress Report Sunday the 31st of January

Dear all,

A bright sunshiny day here in Wirksworth. The steam team continued
clothing the boiler of Ferrybridge No3; the DMU team proceeded with the
scraping and removal of the orange formica from the 119 and the
inspection of its electrical parts. Please do not idly enter the 119 at
the moment - it is temporarily in a delicate state - unless you have
been instructed to do so by Mike Evans. After lunch the DMU team, taking
a break from their thrusting endeavours, went over to Mrs Miggins for an
exchange of fraternal greetings with the class 20 group.

In the yard the S&T Department carried on fitting out their box van and
three more of the famous hernia-inducing jarrow crossing timbers were
manhandled into position next to the weighbridge in order to permit work
to begin on yet another of our numerous lever frames. The Passenger Dept
dealt with various visitors which the sunny weather had brought out, and
re-organised the front gate signage.

In late news from yesterday LJ Breeze was once again rectified having
developed a taste for Saturday failures, and shunter Tommy had her
alternator adjusted and her belts twanged by our many experienced
engineers. The dogfish were duly shunted into the ballast dock before
being shunted out again, but are now placed very prettily (after the
second attempt and a valium) ready for tomorrow.

All the best,

Friday, 29 January 2010

Progress Friday 29th January 2010

Dear all,
Arctic conditions have returned with low temperatures and a biting wind that slowed the productivity of all but the most hardy. Today witnessed the final work on Trans Plant tamper TMM771 as it was weighed prior to being positioned for departure on Monday. We said tearful farewells to Mark Brooks, The Tube Lines Project Engineer, who has been with us throughout the contract and has benefited from understanding what open fires and mushy peas mean to folks north of Watford. We also said goodbye to Ian Chapman and Tony Borrington from Halcrow who co-coordinated the whole contract with Tube Lines. They have all been a joy to work with.
The new alternator sourced for LJB was fitted with the attendant problems of wiring it up to be compatible with the systems on the locomotive. DRE spent the day modifying a wing rail for the southern main line point at Duffield with a view to delivering it to site next week.Ian Ambrose is to be congratulated on being passed out to drive the dmu fleet after his training programme and will now spend some time road learning.
The Permanent Way Team will be pleased to know that a fresh supply of sleepers was delivered today and loaded to the Flatrol and Lowmac in the Car Park. The IMT unfortunately had some "squaring up" to do this afternoon to try and get the loads in gauge. They had earlier achieved a whole line inspection removing further debris from a catch pit south of Hazelwood and cleaning the flangeways out at Idridgehay.
Sterling efforts in difficult conditions.


Thursday, 28 January 2010

Progress, Thursday 28th January

Evenin' all,

Only 4 on the Per way team meant that 10 sleepers were changed, naturally they were all jarrah ones and fought the drill, but well done to the chaps for that.

The VCT were working at F7, they have replaced to Up side stile with a new gate, which was good.

S&T were mob handed and made 2 concrete benches for Duffield and continued on making sleeper end rodding rollers.

Passenger Services continued moving stock and setting up in their new premises.

Today also saw compltetion of testing of the last underground tamper, it just has to be weighed tomorrow. It is fair to say that we will miss Mark, Ian and Tony and the rest of the team. They had small gifts presented to them so that they can remember their time with us.

A call was made to Severn Trent water concerning the continuing water flow near to Callow Park, in case there is a burst pipe there. We first thought that the water was from snow melt, but it has not slowed down.

A little light gardening as well as log chopping also took place.


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Progress, Wednesday 27th January

Evenin' all,

What we call a grey day, saw the Per way team heading south from
Shottle in good time. A total of 18 more sleepers were changed. The
team are pleased to announce that they are now south of Derby Road 4
bridge. This is a big psychological step as the bridge has been in
sight for several months (during which time we also relaid Duffield.)

More members attended the PTS course, which is a regular feature of
Wednesdays during the closed season.

S&T were also in evidence continuing work on the fabrication of
materials for Duffield South

The Tamper on test, carried out its EMC testing today as well as its
noise monitoring.

A great deal of background admin work, as paperwork and records are
prepared. Please remember to attend the PTS courses, if you are not
already down. And please remember to notify Robin Lee of availability
for the forthcoming weeks activities.

Tomorrow, sees the Per way meeting at Shottle to continue sleeper
changing, before bringing the train back to Wirksworth - no logs this
week so that more sleepers can be loaded on Friday.


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Progress, Tuesday 26th January

Evenin' all,

Today was a fine dry day with some sunshine, and lmost warm! Just the
sort of day to carry out some jacking and packing at Duffield. A start
was made on lifting the main line through the platform. In some places
the rails were lifted 4", which means that a lot of stone was shovel
packed. However the end result is quite pleasing on the eye, with the
track nearly level. More reusable sleepers were gathered from Duffield
platform ready for relaying.

The DST had a good day, with the fitting of the lubricator onto the
frame of N0 3, a start was also made on fitting the clothing, which is
now well progressed.

The VCT had another good day, they managed to complete the work at
Holloway Road foot crossing in Duffield. This is our busiest crossing.
They have created a fenced 'coral' and changed the gates. The signs
have still to be fitted, but this should be completed this week.

The Logging dept were in full production, now that they have something
to chop.. Elsewhere in the car park, more electrical fitting out in the
new Catering suite as well as the new Carriage dept HQ.

Our visiting Tamper, crossed to the Pit for some changing of bits
before resuming its test. Whilst our Komatsu visited the nearby
workshops for a full service and to have a new tappet clearance fitted
(the chap at the garage tried to tell me that they come in packs of
three - but you cant kid me, I know that Tappet clearances are cheaper
by the dozen!)

Tomorrow sees the Per way team reporting to Shottle for sleeper
changing. Dont forget the PTS course for those booked for it.


Monday, 25 January 2010

Progress Monday 25th January 2010

Dear all
Monday and it's ballast day! The team had somewhat of a wait as the quarry claimed to be short of drivers but the train got away at lunchtime with another 48 tonnes of white gold. After a successful run to Duffield this tonnage was dropped between the buffer stop at the end of the line and the northern platform slope leaving a challenge for tomorrow's gang. In the waiting period at Wirksworth the now empty Lowmac had a few new sleepers loaded onto it for Wednesday sleeper changing. On return from Duffield the empty hoppers were filed and the Works Train prepared for an on time start tomorrow.
The Motive Power Dept. collected a new alternator for LJB to be fitted Friday and made further progress with Tommy by determining the size of the belts that need to be sourced to complete the work. Work continued on the electrics for the new catering emporium and the Trans Plant tamper commenced its testing programme on the Gorsey Bank line.
A rush of BuyaGift bookings enlivened the day with March and April filling up nicely.
Apart from the train crew all PW staff should report directly to Duffield tomorrow

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Progress Saturday 23rd January 2010

Hi all,
Today was one of those days where it seems as though not a great deal has happened when you write about it, but in actual fact it was very good progress.
This morning the weekly process of putting the Dogfish into the dock was achieved and then the team proceeded to continue with the 119, removing internal window frames ready for sanding and varnishing, varnishing ones that had already been prepared as well as also continuing with the removal of that horrible orange Formica that plagues 1980s BR stock.
The Booking Hall was open for business and had a few people looking round whilst in the car park Mr Craft and his team made a start on installing a miniture gauge railway that will run in the car park.
Mike Evans via Leigh

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Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday 22nd January 2010

Dear all
The last vehicle of our contract to test vehicles for the Transmission Based Train Control arrived today and is berthed in Platform 1. It is Trans Plant machine TMM 771 which is a very long tamper requiring an escort car to ensure its arrival at Wirksworth without problem.
The IMT had a day of mixed fortunes that involved two visits to the Car Park to place log carriers in the correct position and then travel by Landrover to research the drainage south of Hazelwood. It was agreed that it was probable that no attention had been paid to this area for 60 or 70 years and any progress would be a bonus. One catch pit was explored that had half a sleeper including a chair of the bullhead type that probably inhibited the flow of water. Many other areas are being revealed where time and lack of activity on the Railway's part has caused  the landowners either side to take action that is not to our advantage. Nonetheless I am sure we will resolve these difficulties over the next few months.
DRE announced that the locking for all three of the new grounds frames is now complete. I have to say that this is a most significant achievement and that, without inflating his ego, no one else could have achieved this without recourse to the size of bankers bonuses that are being paid and getting the contractors in.
Down in the Maintenance Facility sundry activities were in progress to make the Class 119 dmu vehicle water tight. It is a vehicle close to my heart as it contains a very discrete first class smoking area. Oh! those were the days.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Progress Thursday 21st January 2010

Dear all
Much activity on site today with numerous very useful tasks being achieved. The contractors refit of the former Kave cabins was completed allowing electrical work to continue and the water supply was boxed in outside the cabin to prevent future frost damage. The end product is to provide us with a small office, food preparation area, catering stores and passenger services stores together with a new Training Room. This will enable disposal of the Passenger Office and present Training Room which are showing signs of their age. Opportunity was to effect repairs to the water supply that serves the DCS cabin damaged during the recent cold weather.
DRE concentrated on the intricate metal work to create the locking mechanism for the new ground frames that will be released by the Wirksworth to Duffield train staff. The Permanent Way Team, after discharging scrap metal at Shottle,  changed a creditable 21 sleepers and are within ten of DJW 6 bridge north of Hazelwood. Having used all their supplies they loaded the Lowmac and Flatrol with logs to the great satisfaction of the Logging Dept. who had been without supplies for a little while.
The VCT had a most productive day that started at Wash Green to prepare for next week's EMC testing of the final Tube Lines vehicle and then moved on to Callow Park to repair the fence taken down to accommodate the filming of Five Days 2. They then went onwards to Barnsley Lane bridge to clear some vegetation away from the structure and on again to an area north of Shottle where six trees were taken down. They finally reviewed the work to improve two foot crossings south of Shottle at the request of the County's footpaths officer. An impressive performance!
A visit to the Carriage Department revealed the electrics well nearly completed with more plug sockets than seen in the average house. There is heavy investment planned in the machinery to support the continued restoration and maintenance of the LMS coaches to be based with us.
New tenants for our garage began the process of determining what will be necessary to bring up to standard for their car repair business.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Progress, Wednesday 20th January

Evenin' all,

Today saw the Per way team back on sleeper changing near Derby Road No
4 bridge. 18 were changed, not bad seeing that there was only a few of
them this afternoon, due to more PTS training. The Komatsu was again in
action at Duffield south, adding more stone to build up the RRAP, some
rough levelling also took place. At the end of work, the Komatsu
managed to on track on the new RRAP.

S&T were busy in the weighbridge, fabricating locking mechanisms for
the Duffield Ground frames.

Tomorrows per way team to report to Shottle.

Neil, on behalf of Phil

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Progress, Tuesday 19th January

Evenin, all,

A fairly small per way turnout today, they read about jack 'n' pack.
But due to technical problems yesterday we were unable to do any
jacking and packing at Duffield. Instead, 2 x 30' Insulated Block
Joints (IBJ's) were attached to the southern end of the Loop headshunt
at Duffield to create the southern RRAP. Several tons of pre used stone
was then dropped on the site to build up the Road Rail Access Point.
Another team changed 3 sleepers in the tunnel and also laid 'out 18
sleepers on the northern headshunt in the tunnel ready for the last
pair of 45' rails. Some of the old S&T troughing was also collected
ready for a new life.

The Works Train acted as a pick up freight today loading and dropping
off materials along the line for the VCT. They principally worked at
Holloway Road foot crossing, where they are carrying out work to the
gates and fence around the crossing. They report that much of the work
on the Up side has been completed. It was nice to see them back after a
coupleo of weeks 'snow' leave.

The DST held another planning meeting, and were able to repair some
final bits on the new boiler (weeping holes) and removed bits ready for
the boiler cladding to be fitted.

The S&T dept continued with the build up of Duffield South Ground
Frame, as well as producing more roller stools.The Coaching dept kept
busy fitting out their workshop adding more cables etc.

Tomorrrow, all per way staff to report to Shottle for sleeper changing
around Derby Road No. 4 Bridge. Many of the team are doing their PTS at
1230 at Wirksworth.

Neil on behalf of Phil

Monday, 18 January 2010

Progress Monday 18th January 2010

Dear all
Wirksworth remained in the ice age with L J Breeze struggling to make the track in the Car Park fit to be used by today's test customer. Nonetheless the customer and escort Landrover were able to commence their test with the run to Duffield and brake checks at Shottle before returning to complete the programme on the Incline. While the tests were in progress ballast was delivered to the Wash Green dock for loading into the three Dogfish positioned there last Friday and the train assembled to deposit the white gold at Duffield. Unfortunately door problems on one of the Dogfish reduced the load to Duffield to two hoppers. These were carefully discharged at Duffield giving a first pass of stone through the platform there. The empty vehicles were returned to Wirksworth and tomorrow's Works Train formed for a prompt departure in the morning.
Today was the first run of what will become the Monday Ballast Train and the process is likely to run on for 10 to 12 weeks as part of the Idridgehay to Duffield track reconstruction.
Within the Maintenance Facility there was progress on modifying the support bracket to fit a replacement fuel pump kindly sourced by Tim Moore and positive moves towards returning the locomotive to service as a back up to LJB.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Progress Sunday the 17th of January 2010

Dear all,

A bright almost mild sunny day at last, which brought out many of our
volunteers. In contrast to last week when we were inundated with
conscripts, this week the single attendee was delegated to the removal
of the Christmas decs from the Met Cams followed by cleaning. We were
delighted to welcome back Carline's Drains and Rodding after a short
intermission and work therefore commenced on the Incline Cess Drain,
which has been choked by weeds and bullrushes, and infested with
hedgehogs (apparently).

In the Facilite' Internationale de Chemins de Fer de Bob Gibbens, the
north end shed doors received an undercoat of paint (the sun having come
out) and the Class 119 Appreciation Society declared the interior lights
of that unit operational, having had a day of electricals.

In the stores a large quantity of bits of scrap wood left by the
carpenters was toiled down the icy yard to the fire and given a fine
send off; items of larger and useful wood being deposited in the wood store.

The Signals and Telegraphs Department was back up to full strength with
the return of Mr R Hatch, who has been staying in An Hermitage during
the Foule Weather. This being so, they despatched themselves to
Duffield, where, mob handed, the track levels through the platform were
surveyed and staked out. On return to base camp, further work was
carried out on the Duffield South Ground Frame, and the Duffield North
Ground Frame was admired by many passers by which the sunshine had
brought out.

All the best,

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Progress Saturday 16th January 2010

Evening all,
A day of two halves really, not only with the torrential rain to melt the snow (sort of) followed by thick fog, but also in the activities undertaken.
Most of the activity today was down the yard, where the morning was basically taken up by a shunt to put the Class 119 in the shed to allow some leaks to be attended to, followed by Tommy also being placed in the shed to allow fault rectification. Once the 119 was in the shed some of the team proceeded to change a battery cell whilst the others began work on Tommy. At the same time as all of this was happening, LJ Breeze was given some juice to drink over the following week.
Elsewhere, the Passenger Services Manager busied himself with various taskettes and the Booking Hall was open for business. A small group continued working on the model railway.
Many thanks,
Mike Evans via Leigh

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Friday, 15 January 2010

Progress Friday 15th January 2010

Dear all
It would seem that Wirksworth has its own micro climate as this morning, whilst the rest of the UK was thawing out, snow started falling again reluctantly turning to rain as the day progressed. With this backgound the IMT (Infrastrcuture Maintenance Team) set forth with the "de luxe" Landrover, as a very special treat, to deal with a couple of trees that overhung the track with the weight of snow on them. Full valeting was achieved on return to Wirksworth.
DRE, a lone worker, kept his head down and continued to assemble Duffield South Ground Frame within the warth of the Weighbridge. In the cold, damp atmosphere the Motive Power Team shuffled dmus to enable the three Dogfish to be placed in the Wash Green dock for loading Monday and prepared the way for Tommy to enter the Maintenance Facility for a serious attempt to press this machine into service as a back up to LJB.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Progress Thursday 14th January 2010

Dear all
A further interesting day where the weather conspired to frustrate us. With two test customers booked we were nervous about the ground and rail conditions but one customer was successfully put through his paces but the other was heavily delayed by road conditions and will be dealt next week all being well.
The Permanent Way Team added another 30 feet of track to the northern headshunt at Duffield enabling them to work in the relative comfort of the tunnel. They then collectively brought the Works Train back to Wirksworth with a little shunting at Shottle to drop the Sturgeon off and collect the three Dogfish for loading with ballast next Monday. These tasks are not easy when there is a significant amount of snow on the ground.
DRE remained indoors today as he created the angle iron frame for Duffield South Junction Ground Frame without the benefit of his usual assistant who remains snowbound. The IT and computer system update moved on with the aid of the Carriage Department who cut the necessary raised flooring to size - a pleasant interdepartmental joint effort. The Carriage Department also reported much progress with the wiring and lighting within their new base making much of how warm they are in their insulated container!
Quietly progressing in the difficult conditions is the transfer of stores from the present Passenger Office to the new luxury accommodation in the former Kave Cabins.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Progress Report Sunday the 10th of January 2010

Dear all,

Another heroic, I say heroic, day at Wirksworth Station in atrocious
conditions. A magistrate of conscripts were delegated to snow clearance
and much of the station benefited from this effort, though it started
to snow again about 15.30. However, at least the snow line around the
station is no longer up to one's wellies.

The Class 119 Appreciation Society (Whore and Trumpet Division) were in
attendance today and consequently the scraping of the interior ceiling
panels proceeded, together with a lot of unexplained banging. Almost the
whole of the compartment ceiling being worked on yesterday is now complete.

Working off the "Round Toit" list (and having to set aside anything
involving paint or drains) the former Gents toilet door was donated from
the station, and through the combined efforts of the Passenger Dept and
the Class 119 Appreciation Society, has been fitted to the north end of
the shed and panelled in. The purpose of this exercise is not, I should
point out, to make the shed secure, it is to stop the wind howling
through the shed and freezing the balls off the Dream Steam Team's Brass
Monkeys, which are very delicate at this time of year.

All the best,

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Progress Sat 9th January 2010

Dear all,

A rather satisfying and successful day in many respects. The weather,
though cold, was barely snowy at all, and the sun shone on the righteous
(that is Wirksworth) for most of the day. We began with the clearing of
paths around the station and platform and this carried on gradually
until lunchtime so that we could make our way around without falling
over. The entire Derbyshire salt supply was then spread on the front step.

Christmas being over, the decorations were removed from the Booking
Hall, from the quad and the tree and have been laid out temporarily in
the Mess Room to dry. As many of you know it is traditional to give the
Christmas Tree a Vikings Funeral and Mr Geoff Adams normally conducts
this ceremony with us standing round singing "We'll keep the Red Flag
flying here" whilst burning copies of the Daily Mail: this always raises
the spirits. Unfortunately the tree was frozen in the hole, so it will
have to wait.

Meanwhile, the Class 119 Appreciation Society, or those parts of it not
snowed up in the Whore and Trumpet at Pride Park (A Marston's Tavern),
set to and proceeded with the removal of the old bitumen paint from
under the ceiling in the north compartment, continuing the effort begun
some time ago. At the end of the day considerable happiness reigned as
there are now only five untouched panels to deal with.

All the best,
Anton, in absence of Higher Powers.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Progress Friday 8th January 2010

Dear all
Very thin on the ground today with DRE being the lone person doing practical work fabricating further parts for the ground frame installations at Duffield. Phil and I shuffled much paper and had a planning moment or ttwo. We also welcomed a second year forensic science student seeking practical railway work experience and she will be joining us in February each Wednesday for the foreseeable future. I am sure Vince and Ian will be able to guide her on her vocation to join RAIB.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Progress Thursday 7th January 2010

Dear all
The really good news today is that the very, very hardy Permanent Way team have completed the placing of rails in the "main line" at Duffield including cutting and inserting the "closure" rails. There are only a few clips installed so there must be no train movements over the line yet. Next week's attack will hopefully deal with the complete clipping up and a general tidying of the site at Duffield together with the removal of surplus materials. This most significant achievement in unbelievably foul weather conditions should not be underestimated. We are almost there with a double track layout through Duffield and immensely useful headshunts at both the south and north end of the layout. Those involved in this exercise deserve heartfelt thanks from us all!
There were a few rays of economic help as we now have two MyTestTrack bookings for next week and we are beginning to take BuyaGift bookings well into the new year. DRE continued to fabricate parts for the Duffield Ground Frames installations and the VCT concentrated their efforts on a new rail trailer for the Landrover conducting their own version of the 1530 tests. This was deemed successful with the new trailer negotiating pointwork at the north end of the Yard without problem.
The last item of note was the record breaking run of the Works Train from Duffield to Wirksworth in a spectacular 55 minutes aided by a gate keeper travelling by road to Idridgehay and Gorsey Bank. It is reported that the radiators within L J Breeze really warmed up. A remarkable feat given the rail conditions and sub zero temperatures.

Progress Weds 6th Jan 2010

Evenin' all,

After yesterday's trials and tribulations it was back to normal today.
The Rail train and Komatsu travelled south to Duffield, arriving mid
morning. Since then 11 new rails have been placed through the platform
on our main line, the rest will be fitted tomorrow.The new rails have
been plated and a start made on clipping up
Back at base, the S&T dept had a day making more bits and pieces for
Duffield frames, whilst some VCT chaps made more of their nice little
rail mounted trolley (very nice wheels).Whilst the Christmas
decorations were removed.

Tomorrow sees more work at Duffield.

Phil (the frozen one)

Progress Tues 5th Jan 2010

Afternoon all,

We started out full of good intentions but were beaten by the weather.

LJBreeze and train were fired up, as was the Komatsu to travel to
Duffield to unload rails for our main line.However as things were
warming up, the snow started. It settled on the rail head and added to
existing snow. it meant that there was difficulty in getting traction.
So, bearing in mind all of the paper work that would be needed if
things went wrong, we decided to abandon the trip at about 0900. A few
other members struggled to get in - even the General Manager was at his
post before 0800, the weather continued to deterioate and the desicion
was taken to continue working from home. (It took 3 hours to get back
to Buxton) Some members had reached the sunny, balmy southern extremity
of the line at Duffield. When they were informed of the cancellation,
they had a cup of tea before going home as well.

This afternoon, I had a phone call from Central Networks about the
Elictricity pole at Duffield to be moved, unfortunately he was looking
at the wrong pole. So another site meeting will take place when he gets
a new plan!

If the weather improves we will try again in the morning to move the
trin and drop the rails. Loco crew to report to Wirksworth.


Monday, 4 January 2010

Progress Monday 4th January 2010

Dear all
A bitterly cold day saw the arrival of 14 rails needed to complete the track work at Duffield and these were loaded to the Sturgeon for transport to Duffield tomorrow. In addition to the rails, Pandrol clips and new flat bottom fishplate bolts were loaded making the combined value of the load close to a staggering £6,000. A great deal of time was spend in readying LJB and the Sturgeon for their journey south as the very low temperatures we are experiencing do not lend themselves to trouble free operation. LJB's faulty alternator was delivered to the local auto electrical repair man and work to stop a roof leak on M51188 was completed.
The Passenger Services Manager was beginning to set up base in the new Catering establishment as the interior work is now largely complete.
Hat's off to the team that turned out today.
PS - Big Nic is attending tomorrow for some serious tree felling and will require VCT support to make his visit worth while. He will be at Wirksworth for 0900hrs.
PPS - It would be very helpful if those of you who have been approached by Robin for Works Train crews could give him a few dates for the new rostering system. If the system works we plan to add future passenger and charter services as the year goes by.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Progress Report Sunday the 3rd of January 2010

Dear all,

The snow lay deep and crisp and even all over Wirksworth today and
Buxton was inevitably cut off. This news was delivered by the miracle of
telephonic communication by Mr Tarry and we considered that the best way
to deal with this emergency was by sending a St Bernard dog with a
barrel of brandy. Unfortunately we haven't got a St Bernard dog or any
brandy so we have sent Spank, the station cat, with the last of the
digestive biscuits. It may take some time for Spank to reach Buxton.

Meanwhile, in Wirksworth, the chief activity of the day involved the
Class 119 Appreciation Society and a great deal of scraping and peeling
of that orange Formica which so badly infests 1980s refurbished DMUs.
Much of the original wood effect has been uncovered to the delight of
all concerned.

Around the station and yard considerable pottering went on. The station
clock is now back in its usual position; the new 2010 timetable posters
have been put up (also at Duffield), the GLV has been re-ordered;
display steam locomotive Kathryn has been cleaning by the application of
a conscript and hot soapy water; various visitors dealt with in the
Booking Hall; the Mess Room specially cleaned; and all our guards flags
washed for the New Year in a frenzy of fairy liquid.

All the best,

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Saturday 2nd January 2010

Hi all,
Ah the first working day of the new decade and it had a decidedly snowy theme to it. Never mind eh, the show will go on.
There were two main thrusts today, the first one was in the Class 119 with the whole of the large Second Class compartment being cleaned out so that work can commence in it. It doesn't sound much to write about but really gives the team a sense of achievement.
The other thrust was to remove the faulty alternator from LJ Breeze so that the problem can be rectified. Although it only really had a few bolts holding it on, as usual there was a plethora of badly-designed bits in the way preventing easy access. This took most of the day in the end. With no alternator, it goes without saying that the batteries are not charging whilst the engine is running so all drivers should make sure that at the end of their turn the locomotive has a shore supply of electrons connected to it so that the locomotive can be used by somebody else (or yourself) the following day.
The Passenger Department manned the Booking Hall and mended the station clock this morning but decided the snow was too bad for any members of the public to venture out so returned to the warmth of their homes early. Don't blame them!
A solid start to 2010!
Graham Walker via Leigh

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