Tuesday, 29 December 2009

RE: [wirksworths_railway] Tues 29th Dec

Hi all,
As a supplement, the DMU team were out in force at Wirksworth in the cold weather and managed to fettle an injector on one of Iris' engines so that the engine runs much more smoothly now. This seemingly small job makes such a difference to, not only ride quality, but also the lifespan of the engine.

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Evenin' all,

Two activities today.

At Wirksworth the Dream Steam Team had a very successful day and
managed to shunt No3 around the yard, propelled by diesel power. This
proved that everything ran smoothly, the wheels, connecting rods,
coupling rods etc, tehy also managed to start adding the cylinder
covers and a start on cladding, so real progress.

At the Duffield end of the line, all of the main line sleepers have
now been laid, a 30' panel has been added to the southern headshunt,
this will be filled in shortly to make a RRAP for road rail vehicles to
on/off track Plenty of sleeper drilling The ice is over an inch thick
in Duffield yard, and had to be broken by the Komatsu before some
sleepers were laid.

Tomorrow sees Per way at Duffield but again no loco required.


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