Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Progress Wednesday 9th Deecember 2009

Dear all
As Phil has been institutionalised it falls to me to report on today's doings. Tumbleweed was blowing along the platforms at Wirksworth as all energies were directed to Duffield. The work at Duffield to put in the south crossover and headshunt is quite complicated as the various components have come from different sources. They require a great deal of clever working out to make sure rails are cut to the correct length as we have a limited stock of this precious commodity. Nonetheless, the loop has been connected to the northern part of the crossover and rails have been identified for the other "closures" giving plenty to do tomorrow.
Back at base late Santa bookings continue to pour in and our planned five days of activity look to be a resounding success. A lightening visit by our Finance Manager seems to have brought a great number of cheques for signature so we need every penny we can earn.
Today marked an end of an era as the last Battery Locomotive - L54 - was tested and declared fit to return to London. L54 was duly loaded for transit to Ruislip and gently left us in amongst the abandoned cars scattered along our approach road by parents collecting their offspring. The last vehicle of this most pleasant contract, a tamper, will be with us in late January and a suitable wake will be held for the team that have been involved in the project.