Thursday, 3 December 2009

Progress Wednesday 2nd December 2009

Evenin' all,

Another busy day at Duffield saw the installation of the new switch
panel on our main line at Duffield south, This quite a large chunk of
bits , being a D switch. This has now been rebuilt. It arrived a few
weeks ago in one piece but had to be stripped for transport to
Duffield. More digging and levelling means that the rest of the track
can start going in. More crossing timbers arrive on Friday. The chance
was also taken to carry some S&T material from Shottle to Duffield
north, wher S&T work will start shortlt.

S&T were also gathering parts for Duffield as well as making handrails
for Shottle north. Back at base, the logging dept got stuck into some
large logs that were deliverd recently, they have a rush of orders on.
Also a team set out to mark up the Fouling points (also known as
Clearance ppints around the yard - this is to the new euro standards.
More work was carried out on the 'Jolly Rodger' to get it ready for the
upcoming Santa specials. The gardening dept were also busy tidying up
and preparring for the winter season.

Tomorrow sees more work at Duffield in the morning.