Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Progress Tuesday 8th December 2009

Evenin' all,

Another major advance at Duffield saw all of the new crossing timbers
laid out for Duffield South. The large chunks of ironwork were also
craned into position, this consisted of two crossing noses, two
switches and other assorted bits. One can now see what the layout will
look like. The rails still need to be added as well as a mass od
cutting and drilling, but the warm sunshine helped to raise spirits.

Near Derby Road (4) bridge, the VCT had a very good day with three
large fires and are busily attacking the hawthorn in the area, they are
now close to the erosion site and can thus help to monitor the
situation. Mile posts 135.25 and 135.5 were also painted with gloss.

Back at base, L54 the last battery loco arrived for testing. The
logging dept had another stick chopping day, before Geoff ventured to
Duffield to see what real work was like - he was offered a crow bar but
politely declined as he did not know which end to sit on!

The Carriage dept had a 5 strong team turn out, to assist in setting
up their new suite. Allison has now made a new stepped approach to the

The DST have been fitting the crossheads and main steam pipe to No 3,
and report good progress.

The Santa Support Unit, decorated the Gatex ready for the season
whilst the 'Jolly Rodger' was pronounced seaworthy and awaits departure
for Treasure Island. More gardening took place to tidy up the area
ready for our little visitors.

50,000 2010 timetables have now arrived and are being made ready for

Tomorrow sees another big day at Duffield, where a start will be made
on connecting up the new crossover. I, of course, will have to depart
early as I am visiting the Institute of Mechanical Engineers to tell
them of our progress.