Thursday, 24 December 2009

Progress Tuesday 22nd December 2009

Evenin' all,

The day started with a deep frost and freezing fog. LJB didnt like the
conditions and was unable to leave Wirksworth Yard - it was required at
Duffield to assist the per way team. Without the means to shunt the
trains we resorted to other methods to offload about 150 concrete
sleepers for the main line at Duffield.Most were dropped into position
using the Komatsu, the rest were stockpilled on the platform, ready to
be laid once the train is shunted. This in itself was a big achievement
given the fact that most of the sleepers were frozen to the wagon! (not
to mention frozen toes, noses, etc.)

The two man VCT went to Barnsley Lane and managed a good fire of left
over brash, before taking their Landrover to Wirksworth.

The Dream Steam Team continued work on No 3, with coupling rods fitted
to both sides and the crossheads now fitted. All pipework in the
smokebox was also completed

Further driver training took place on Iris, around the Yard, watched
by members of the Logging dept, who are now down to chopping sawdust,
as they await more stocks.

A young 'willing volunteer' managed to clear the platforms of snow
again, whilst restocking and cleaning of the Gatex was carried out by
Pat Craft on her lonesome. This is ready for tomorrows' final visit of
Santa and the team. More calls and bookings have been taken today. I
think that this 'Santa Season' will prove to be our best yet.Well done
to all concerned.

A long drive home through 'whiteout' conditions (Why is it that
drivers of grey cars, seem unable to find the light switch on their

Tomorrow,sees the laying of the remaining sleepers at Duffield, once
we have a loco to move the works train about a bit (weather
permitting). Also, as mentioned, tis the last day for visiting Santa at
Wirksworth, I am sure that the 'clean team' would welcome some help
with the mince pies etc.