Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Progress Tues 15th Dec 2009

Evenin' all,

A dank grey day certainly did not dampen the spirits.

The Per way team had a very good day at Duffield, with everyone busily
drilling, cutting and clipping up. More rails cut and installed with
the result that at the close of play, the Works train managed to access
Platform 3 (south) and 'kiss the Buffers'. A great achievement.

The VCT started work at Holloway Road footcrosing in Duffield, where
the crossing is being remodelled. The descision point for pedestrians
is being moved closer to the track to improve visability, both for foot
users as well as our train staff. They alsohad a fire at Shottle to
have a bit of a tidy up.

Back at Base, the logging dept were counting sticks, the Carriage dept
continued insulating their new premises, and the stocks for Santa were
replenished reeady for the weekend. Some S&T staff turned in, to fettle
some more cranks as well as fitting the kitchen sink in their mobile
workshop. A willing volunteer continued to work in the swamp north of
Cemetery Lane bridge trying to improve the drainage. Fred and Iris,
once againvisited the Messroom to give it a good clean up.

The Dream Steam Team fitted the other crosshead to No 3, as well as
fitting the Connecting rods, as well as various cotters and split pins,
they claimed a successful day.

Tomorrow sees more track work at Duffield.