Thursday, 3 December 2009

Progress Thursday 3rd December 2009

Dear all
A very varied day with activities spread all over our empire. The conclusion of this week's work at Duffield saw the mini digger cleansing and levelling the site prior to departure until the next time we need a dig. Scrap metal was gathered and transported to the waiting skip at Shottle and the Works Train returned to Wirksworth gathering logs along the way. On arrival at Wirksworth the logs were shunted to the Car Park to be joined by the empty Sturgeon to await tomorrow's delivery of crossing timbers for Duffield South Junction. LJB was then feed and watered ready for next week.
The VCT revisited to their work site south of Hazelwood to clear a further 50 yards of vista and create their customary warmth from two fires. DRE completed the safety fencing around Shottle North Ground Frame and installed a boarded walkway over the rodding run to provide safe access to the frame. Back at base they had a stock take of the remaining items that will be used for Duffield North and South and identified those remaining missing items that will have to be purchased to complete the job.
The Carriage Dept. continued the mammoth task of boarding out their new home and the first of the materials needed for the new catering store and preparation area arrived.
A positive meeting was held with EON Central Networks towards moving the pole at Duffield that supports the overhead line across the new development and Midland Main line. The pole and its stay wires are too close to the loop line and a solution emerged that will be satisfactory to both parties.
Works started to improve Wirksworth Station approach road between the entrance and Booking Hall - it would seem there is some surplus material from road surfacing in the Belper area.
Quite a day.